Salesforce Partner EMPAUA
Salesforce Partner EMPAUA

Real Estate & Property

The real estate and property industry is changing fast, and its predictions are closely related to the developments that are impacting the sector. By far, digitisation, innovation and digital transformation is the number one challenge: implementing solutions that allow businesses to scale, work from home, deliver exceptional customer experiences and all managed from a single platform. There has also been an increasing interest in the social impact of the real estate and property industry.

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Real Estate EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Delivering better customer experiences

The Real Estate & Property industry is challenged today to understand what the real value of real estate is in a world that is becoming more and more digital. Likewise, selecting the right platforms to deliver better customer experiences and capture their data can be a long journey. In addition, today's real estate buyer is looking for digital and, preferably, sustainable solutions. 

Real Estate EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Real Estate & Property Industry Challenges:

  • High-volume lead prioritisation & tracking
  • Buyer matching, and Buyer-to-Seller Conversion
  • Marketing to the same customer with different personas (e.g. buying and/or selling etc.)
  • Valuation to Instruction Conversion 
  • Dynamic diary management
  • Territory mapping and geo-location planning
  • Integrations with leading industry technology e.g. Zoopla; Rightmove
  • Disparate data points and communication channels (no 360-degree view of customer)
  • Customers need and want access and transparency to real-time updates 
  • Multiple stakeholders and suppliers involved in every engagement/transaction (SSTC to Completion)
Real Estate EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Recommended Cloud Technology for the Real Estate & Property Industry

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Fast becoming the first-choice Salesforce Partner for Europe’s unicorn companies, we are trusted by clients such as N26, wefox, SumUp, Crowdcube,, and many more.

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Having gone through the start-up phase of a company ourselves, we have experienced the problems and challenges that fast-growing companies face first-hand. With a combined total of 100+ years of Salesforce experience, we’ve delivered almost 2 thousand projects.

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Cloud Experts

Our Salesforce expertise is reflected in the quality of our methodology and deployment. We have a team of experienced professionals ready to make your business a success. Our implementation is fast, effective, and reliable because we are a one-stop shop.

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In-depth Industry Knowledge

We understand the key challenges that each industry faces, and our qualified team is here to tackle them with you.

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We love how diverse our company is! Our team is composed of 14 nationalities working under the concepts of self-management and is always committed to driving change and making an impact.

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We help companies in hyper-growth phase to modernise their systems and achieve their ambitious goals in a rapid timeframe.

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Aggressive timelines

Our team of experts works at the speed of light. From the first workshop to the reproduction of sprint one in just three weeks.

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Industry Experience

We have a multidisciplinary team of the best architects, consultants, developers and experienced project managers. In parallel, we develop a design flow that feeds the construction team.

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Speed of Growth

We work in a fully agile format to effectively and proactively help our customers begin the Salesforce journey to transform their businesses and immerse themselves in the digital age.