Salesforce Partner EMPAUA
Salesforce Partner EMPAUA

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud allows your business to unify sales, partners, operations, and finance departments, so you can take full control of your revenue growth. Empower sales reps to generate complex product packages with flexible pricing, so they can quickly and efficiently generate quotes prices for your services or products, including optional features, customizations, quantities and discounts.

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Salesforce Revenue Cloud EMPAUA

Close the gaps between sales, partners, operations, and finance

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is the business platform you need. Manage revenue streams, improve forecasting capabilities, increase efficiency and collaboration within teams, and accelerate your company's growth - across all sales channels. It brings together Configuration, Pricing and Quoting (CPQ), Billing, Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and B2B Commerce in one platform.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud EMPAUA

Automate your Quote-to-Cash processes and enhance your revenue recognition

  • The advanced Salesforce Revenue Cloud tool will help you to improve forecasting and have a better view of your revenue recognition by generating accurate proposals, higher-quality contracts, managing contracts renewals and updates in real-time, as well as collect your cash faster.
  • Make sure that business processes are being followed when configuring quotes via advanced approvals.
Salesforce Revenue Cloud EMPAUA

Support the sales team and strengthen collaboration. Increase additional sales by bundling multiple products together

  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud allows you to bundle multiple products into a single package that doesn't come out of the box without Revenue Cloud. This best practice greatly enhances up-selling and makes your sales reps' job easier to close deals faster.
  • Revenue Cloud supports many pricing models (i.e. volume based, usage based, block pricing etc.). Moreover, helps to automate discounts and pricing for products based on configurable variables, meaning sales reps never have to worry about quoting the wrong price. 
Salesforce Revenue Cloud EMPAUA

Increase sales productivity and ROI: use the CPQ connector to close deals faster, more accurately and cost-effectively

  • CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) has been specially designed to improve your sales cycle and make fast and brighter decisions. With the CPQ component, you will be able to have complete control and visibility over your client’s lifecycle.
  • Seamlessly set up quotes faster and accurately.
  • Generate proposals and deliver branded contracts in minutes, without having to resort to other platforms. 
  • Control contract renewals, amendments and escalations in one click.
  • Enhance your customer experience by integrating the latest revenue recognition and billing tools. 
Salesforce Revenue Cloud EMPAUA

Strengthen the quote creation process and Take your Sales team to Guided Selling with Salesforce CPQ

This is one of the most useful features to enhance sales reps’ performance to reinforce the quote creation process. The Guided Selling component helps sales managers to sort through an extensive product catalogue and find exactly what you are looking for. They can quickly and easily choose the correct products or bundles to quote by answering questions about the client and their product interests to get a filtered list of products that would suit the client best.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud EMPAUA

Integrated quoting and billing solution: drive consistent and recurring relationships with your customers by enabling the Salesforce CPQ and Billing connectors

Get sales and finance to actively collaborate. By activating the Billing connector, your finance team will have all the real-time information they need to trigger orders with delivery actions, compare and collate costs, and prepare and send invoices.

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