A powerful CRM tool, enabling companies to connect with their clients through cloud-based software

A smart solution for each area of your business

Salesforce has various products that are specially designed to deliver each goal: Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot, and so much more. With the proper implementation of this CRM, you will increase sales efficiency, close more deals, and increase the accuracy of forecasts.

Take your business to the next level

Salesforce enables you to increase sales and ROI by taking a holistic look at your business. One platform lets you analyse all your sales data, talk to your teams, streamline processes, analyse online content, download real-time reports and create unforgettable digital customer experiences.   

Improve team collaboration and productivity

One of the great benefits of Salesforce is that it unites all the teams in your company on a single platform to improve communication, collaboration and faster decision-making. 

What do our experts think

“We are delighted to have such a strong, committed and transparent partner as EMPAUA on our side.”

Gerold Ohlendorf, Chief Information Officer
This is how together we take our clients to the next level

We are delighted to have partnered up with Salesforce


Customers Support

We are looking forward to leveraging this relationship to support our current and future customers with their business intelligence needs.


Empowering people and organizations

Salesforce enables you to increase sales and ROI by taking a holistic look at your business.


A smart solution for your business

We provide you specific support with Salesforce, from why to use it, how to adapt it to your business needs to its right implementation. Book a demo and, together, we will find a smart solution for your business.

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