Salesforce Partner EMPAUA
Salesforce Partner EMPAUA


Tableau helps people and organizations become more data-driven as the trusted leader in analytics.

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Tableau EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Become a data-driven company

  • The disparity of data and efficiency are two of the most significant CRM challenges for any company. It is undeniable that today, companies cannot deliver excellent customer service and generate value relationships with their clients without using a reliable CRM system. 
  • This is where Tableau and its seamless integration with Salesforce, together with the expertise of our team, create the solutions our customers need. 
Tableau EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Tableau: the trusted leader in analytics

  • Tableau helps people and organizations become more data-driven as the trusted leader in analytics. The Tableau platform provides the breadth and depth of capabilities to serve the needs of even the largest global enterprises in a seamless, integrated experience. 
  • Tableau is designed to fit, not dictate your data strategy, and adapts to your environment with unmatched flexibility and choice, while meeting the toughest governance and security requirements.
Tableau EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Why people love using Tableau?

  • People love using Tableau because it is both powerful and intuitive—and offers a fundamentally different user experience by empowering people of all skill levels to explore and analyse data using visuals and natural language. 
  • Tableau has become the standard language of analytics for modern business users and continues to lead the industry with the most passionate and engaged user community in analytics, a customer base with millions of users at more than 86,000 organizations, and a deep commitment to customer-focused innovation.
Tableau EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Powerful and intuitive platform: Meet the Tableau products

  • TABLEAU DESKTOP:  allows people to make data-driven decisions with confidence, by helping them answer questions more quickly, solve harder problems more easily, and uncover new insights more frequently.
  • TABLEAU SERVER: is an enterprise analytics platform that is easy to deploy and scale and helps enable data-driven decision-making throughout your organization.
  • TABLEAU ONLINE: is your self-service analytics platform fully hosted in the cloud—accessible to the right people from anywhere, at any time.
Tableau EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Develop your Data Strategy with the leaders in analytics

  • TABLEAU PREP: empowers more people to get to analysis faster by helping them quickly and confidently combine, shape, and clean their data.
  • TABLEAU MOBILE: is the fastest way to stay on top of your data. Quickly search and explore content published to Tableau Server or Tableau Online.
  • TABLEAU PUBLIC: is a free data visualization platform that empowers anyone around the world to create, share, and discover the most important public data stories of our time, helping to make relatable data stories part of everyday life wherever conversations are happening.
Tableau EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Strategic Partners: Tableau & EMPAUA

  • Tableau is a tool that helps people and organizations become more data-driven, and we are delighted to be their partner. 
  • We look forward to leveraging this relationship to help our current and future customers with their business intelligence needs, as well as providing the support they need for their digital transformation.

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Roadmap of how your Salesforce solution will align with, and optimise your business processes to achieve your short-term and longer-term objectives.


Iterative and continuous development that delivers value quickly, with our approach ensuring quick wins are identified and achieved.


Our partnership continues post go-live, as we move onto future phases. Constant review of priorities to ensure your Salesforce solution is evolving in line with your vision.

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