Optimise your Salesforce experience with Empaua’s Technical Health Analysis

Comprehensive assessments for enhanced efficiency and security

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Unlock enhanced performance, security and alignment with our Technical Health Analysis

System efficiency analysis

Dive deep into your Salesforce setup. Identify and resolve inefficiencies for optimal performance.

Security assurance

Protect your data with our thorough security assessments. Sleep easy knowing your CRM is secure.

Business alignment

Ensure your Salesforce aligns perfectly with your business goals for maximum impact.

“We are delighted to have such a strong, committed and transparent partner as EMPAUA on our side.”

Gerold Ohlendorf, Chief Information Officer
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Tailored solutions for every pain point

Worried about hidden issues? We uncover them.

Concerned about system optimisation? We enhance it.

Let Empaua turn your Salesforce concerns into strengths.

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Maximise your Salesforce potential with our expert Technical Health Analysis

Technical performance audit

In-depth examination of your Salesforce setup, pinpointing areas for enhanced functionality and user experience.

Security assessment and compliance review

Rigorous security checks and compliance analysis to ensure your system is secure and up-to-date with data protection standards.

Optimisation and configuration analysis

Identifying performance bottlenecks and reviewing configurations to ensure optimal operation and alignment with business processes.

Data management evaluation

Assessing data integrity and management practices within Salesforce, ensuring clean, well-organised, and accessible data.

System integration and user experience

Reviewing Salesforce integration with other systems and evaluating user interaction to improve adoption and satisfaction.

Strategic alignment and roadmap

Aligning your Salesforce functionalities with long-term business goals and providing a roadmap for future enhancements.

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