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The ultimate sales acceleration platform

Streamline sales efficiency

Combines automation of routine tasks with faster deal closures, significantly increasing overall sales efficiency.

Comprehensive customer insights

Integrates a 360-degree view of the customer with improved engagement strategies, enhancing relationship management and customer satisfaction.

Data-driven strategy and analytics

Offers real-time analytics and predictive insights for informed decision-making and market trend anticipation.

Scalability & customisation

Ensures the platform adapts to business growth and specific industry needs, highlighting its flexible and scalable nature.

Enhanced collaboration and accessibility

Promotes better team collaboration and alignment across departments, coupled with the convenience of mobile accessibility for sales management on the go.

Effective lead and opportunity management

Merges efficient lead tracking with enhanced opportunity identification, ensuring optimal management of sales prospects and pipeline.

“EMPAUA were a pleasure to work with, they really helped to add structure to tackle such a large project. EMPAUA are extremely knowledgeable and we are so happy with our new Org.”

Danielle Stilwell, Commercial Operations Manager

Empaua: Your trusted Salesforce implementation partner

Customised solutions

Tailored implementation to meet specific business needs.

Ongoing support and training

Emphasise post-implementation support and training options.

Strategic insights

Expertise in leveraging Salesforce for optimal business impact.

A tailored path to sales excellence

Consultation and customisation
Data migration and system integration
Training and user onboarding
Testing and quality assurance
Go-live and initial support
Review, optimisation and ongoing support

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