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"The implementation of Salesforce is a significant milestone for our young company. EMPAUA has accompanied the entire process competently and with commitment"

Nando Schoch, CMO

Salesforce Cloud Implemented

Sales Cloud, Account Engagement Plus, Experience Cloud (Partners), Mulesoft Composer.

Company Industry

Architecture and Design

Project Outcome

Streamlined operations, unified collaboration, and improved efficiency, as well as faster lead management, better visibility, and scalable solutions, driving increased customer satisfaction and business growth.

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Impact Acoustic is a global leader in eco-friendly acoustic solutions for the architecture and design industry. With a focus on sustainability and innovative design, the company transforms thousands of PET bottles and other waste materials into sophisticated acoustic products. Trusted by renowned companies like Amazon and Microsoft, they offer beautiful and functional solutions that enhance productivity and well-being. Through their commitment to social responsibility and partnerships with organisations like Trash Hero, Impact Acoustic strives to make a positive impact on the environment and combat plastic pollution.


In the fast-paced industry of room acoustics, Impact Acoustic encountered a series of challenges that tested their business. However, their journey took a transformative turn, becoming a remarkable customer success story as they partnered with EMPAUA. Let's explore the hurdles they overcame together: 

  • Amplifying Partner Network: Impact Acoustic's expanding partner network resulted in data scattered across multiple platforms, making it arduous to harness its true potential. 
  • Streamlining Sample Box Requests: Previously, manual processes bogged down Impact Acoustic's sample box requests, causing delays and hindering customer experience. 
  • A Steady Stream of Leads: Impact Acoustic was finding it hard to generate a steady stream of leads while nurturing existing customer relationships. They were looking for solutions to master Lead prioritisation: as Impact Acoustic experienced rapid growth, they struggled to prioritise leads effectively, resulting in missed opportunities. To continue gowing, they needed precision-targeted campaigns that would lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. At the same time, they needed to enhance Lead Awareness and Tracking. They were experiencing limited awareness of leads at various stages of the sales cycle hindered their decision-making. 
  • Scaling for Success: Rapid business growth required a scalable solution for Impact Acoustic. EMPAUA crafted a tailored Salesforce implementation, aligning the platform with Impact Acoustic's expanding needs, ensuring a future-proof foundation to accommodate their success.
  • Seamless ERP Integration: To manage new clients, contacts, and quotes, Impact Acoustic sought integration with their ERP system to create a harmonious ecosystem that streamlined operations and maximised efficiency.


EMPAUA implemented a range of transformative solutions for Impact Acoustic:

First, we implemented Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Plus. With this tool, we created a website form to capture new leads and automatically assigned them to the corresponding teams for prompt follow-up. This is what is called “Lead Assignment Configuration”, where many rules were configured, directing leads to specific queues based on their type, optimising consultant focus.

With our vast experience in Salesforce Sales Cloud automation, our team optimised their system to streamlined deal and Sample Box management, replacing manual processes with automation. Additionally, we enhanced Salesforce Experience Cloud collaboration to facilitate communication on deals among agents and partners.

The new integration to the system was Mulesoft Composer Integration which improved Impact Acoustic's ERP system, enabling seamless data exchange, which also led to an improved automated Email Workflows to deliver targeted content based on the sales cycle, nurturing leads effectively.


Impact Acoustic experienced significant improvements in their operations. From streamlining sample requests and collaboration to unified sales and marketing efforts, the results included enhanced efficiency, scalability, lead visibility, and improved customer engagement. These outcomes propelled Impact Acoustic towards greater success and positioned them as a leader in their industry.

EMPAUA's support yielded impactful results for Impact Acoustic:

  • Automated and simplified steps for managing Sample Box requests resulted in faster and more efficient processing, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • All data housed in a single platform enabled seamless collaboration among project consultants, agents, and partners.
  • With one tool for Sales and Marketing, teams could work harmoniously, eliminating silos and fostering collaboration. 
  • Set up of reusable Email Workflows allowed for efficient and consistent communication throughout the customer journey. These workflows provided a foundation for future marketing campaigns, optimising engagement and nurturing leads effectively.
  • EMPAUA provided a scalable solution that aligned with Impact Acoustic's rapid growth to ensure their Salesforce org could adapt and support their evolving needs, future-proofing their operations.
  • Better visibility and tracking of leads across different stages of the sales cycle, empowering Impact Acoustic with real-time insights, enabling them to prioritise leads and make informed decisions.
  • Impact Acoustic achieved faster and more efficient management of high lead volumes. The streamlined processes and automation resulted in improved response times, lead nurturing, and increased conversions.
"The implementation of Salesforce is a significant milestone for our young company. EMPAUA has accompanied the entire process competently and with commitment, so that the project has been a great success for everyone involved. We are thrilled that we can continue to grow with Salesforce and EMPAUA at our side."
Nando Schoch, CMO

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