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We're creating a world where every individual is empowered to constantly grow.
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At EMPAUA, we’re striving to create a framework whereby every team member is treated equally and authority is distributed amongst us. This empowers people to take responsibility. We believe that work-life should be engaging, and we should be encouraged to grow as people and professionals.

Where other companies still discuss the concept of “New Work”, we already try out alternative approaches like innovative meeting formats, self-setting salaries, or a peer recruiting process, and adjust them to our business’ needs.

We highly value Community. We know our colleagues are not only defined by the roles they fill, but are people with many interests, talents, diverse backgrounds, feelings, and needs and we are all welcome to bring our whole selves to work.

That way, we can have open, honest and authentic relationships with each other and Collaboration is a lot easier. We support each other wherever we can.

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Self Management

We are empowered to make decisions within our roles that we trust will serve the company best. We organise our own work, manage our time efficiently, show responsibility for our projects and simply get stuff done instead of waiting for approval from managers. 

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It is one of our core values because all of our projects are delivered in a team effort.

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Transparency creates trust and enables informed decision-making. We grant everyone in the company access to all necessary information like financials, salaries, decisions, or changes. We want everybody to act on the same knowledge base.

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Team Retreats

Quality relationships are built inside and outside of the office. We organise EMPAUA Holidays and Summits every year to hang out and create shared memories.

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We focus on what we achieve, not how many hours we log. We trust that every one of us can make their own choices on how much down-time they need and when they work from home or even from other offices.

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We think that a happy tribe is key for good company culture. Our team is our greatest asset, and we want to make sure everyone feels they belong and are part of something bigger.

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Entrepreneurial Spirit

We’re made up of founders and entrepreneurs and are inspired by innovation and disruption. We’ve had 8 new companies born out of EMPAUA (wefox, ONE, doctorly, Kenjo, poly poly, HeartSpace, Global Citizen Foundation and VIA) and encourage our team to pursue these ventures within the company.

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