Salesforce Partner EMPAUA
Salesforce Partner EMPAUA

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Automate your marketing activities and daily tasks. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing automation and analytics software that will help you personalise customer experiences at every stage of the customer journey. Marketers have transformed where and how they work. No longer limited by geography or time zone, they are achieving success by opening up new customer segments, investing in digital experiences and organising virtual and hybrid events. Transform yours today!

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud EMPAUA

Improve your daily marketing efforts and investments

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you to reach more people using digital advertising campaigns and re-engage with existing inactive customers.
  • Quickly build a landing page for your customers to display or capture key data.
  • Manage your business social media presence online, by analysing, listening, engaging and publishing content on social networks to help understand your customers, brands and competitors.
  • Contact customers using multi-channel communication including SMS, email, push notifications, WhatsApp.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud tracks interactions on websites to personalise your website and email content, so you gain valuable insights that will help you make better and smarter decisions to increase your ROI. 
Salesforce Marketing Cloud EMPAUA

Personalise customer digital experiences at every stage of the customer journey

  • Email Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Advertisement Studio
  • Web Studio
  • Analytics
  • Journey Builder
  • Customer 360 Audiences
  • Interaction Studio 
  • Einstein
Salesforce Marketing Cloud EMPAUA

Interaction Studio is a real-time decisioning engine which provides you with hyper-personalisation capabilities:

  • Gain valuable customer insights and apply AI to grow your business through unique, personalised experiences. 
  • Communicate with them across multiple channels at any point in their journey.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Journey Builder

  • Journey Builder is where you can create time and data-driven multi-step journeys with your customers.
  • Not only can you communicate using multiple touchpoints (such as Mobile, Paid Social, Email), you can even use Journeys to manage data and automate activities with your CRM system.
  • You can build journeys to customers and keep things updated in the back-end, such as relevant data and data segmentation. In this component, it’s easy to export tracking data reporting or import data from elsewhere.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud EMPAUA

Use Einstein, the Marketing Cloud inbuilt AI tool that helps you track all your marketing activities

From emails and website visits to leveraging all the data captured, Einstein can provide real-time personalisation on both web and email campaigns and help make data-driven campaign decisions. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud EMPAUA

Use Einstein on your website:

  • The Einstein attributes will get the cookies from the visitors on your website, so you will know who they are and what’s their behaviour by storing their email address against a cookie. 
  • Use the correct Data Extension and see who has been on your website to add them to an Ad Campaign.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud EMPAUA

Use Einstein on your Email Campaigns:

  • Einstein provides predictive email scores which tell you who is least or most likely to click a link, what their open score is, and that gives them a score to make better recommendations.
  • Through this powerful AI tool, you can gather more and accurate data. The more data you feed it, the more data it has to get that output for the specific metrics or recommendations that you're interested in.
  • Einstein allows you to split decisions and get a complete overview of your customer journey based on how the customer will best respond to the subsequent actions. Quite clever!
  • Optimise Campaign Send Times, using previous interaction data from customers Salesforce can send individual emails to customers at a time they are most likely to interact (i.e. Customer 1 may opens emails most after work, Customer 2 may most likely open their emails before work).

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"I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending EMPAUA to anyone about to migrate to Salesforce Marketing Cloud."

Antony Lea, Group CRM Director

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