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“We are delighted to have such a strong, committed and transparent partner as EMPAUA on our side.”

Gerold Ohlendorf, Chief Information Officer

Salesforce Cloud Implemented

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)

Company Industry

Chemicals (Coatings)

Project Outcome

International roll-out of Sales and Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) for 250 users.

Technology Partner

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Hesse Lignal is a German mid-market chemicals company specializing in the development and production of coatings and paints for various industrial usages. Hesse produces around 100 tonnes of lacquer and stains based on 45,000 different formulations, which are constantly being developed to meet the changing requirements of the market, in particular in terms of environmental protection.

The chemicals company is the market leader in Germany for “intelligent” lacquers and stains. The foundation for this is provided by sophisticated production processes, where they can draw on many years of experience in the field of plant management. This know-how has been consistently developed further in recent years, together with renowned equipment and machinery manufacturers. Hesse’s R&D (research and development) centre boasts the largest, most modern coating and lacquering machine park in Europe.


Before EMPAUA intervened on Hesse’s Org, some of the challenges they were experiencing were the replacement of an existing CRM Software (CRM-System MS Dynamics) that was hosted on-premise due to the existing CRM system having technical limitations and slower development and adjustment cycles.

Moreover, Hesse was in the need of keeping the established internal processes but also using the new possibilities which come with Salesforce. For those purposes, one of the main challenges was the efficient integration of an ERP System in order to allow for a full view on the customer and service cases and, therefore, several interfaces (Navision).

Lastly, Hesse needed an effective system to keep all offline marketing activities in place and install a separated email marketing database.


Once Hesse decided to partner with EMPAUA, the company made the strategic decision to move from their current server-based infrastructure into the cloud and have chosen to work with Salesforce, as opposed to their prior CRM.

Changes in the market, rising competition and a need for ways to quickly innovate and have a scalable technological backbone to their business encouraged Hesse to make the decision for Salesforce as their core business CRM and Marketing tool.

Therefore, our experts came up with the following solutions that covered all the challenges and needs of the German chemicals company:

  • Implementing a performant, large and established SAAS platform for mapping core processes in the CRM part using the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot).
  • Moving the infrastructure to the cloud for further developments and faster design to deployment cycles.
  • Developing a native and flexible mobile application with access to data and functionality using the mobile Salesforce application.
  • Setting up automated online marketing activities in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) such as newsletter, email marketing automation, form hosting and more.


Since EMPAUA implemented the powerful CRM tools of Salesforce on Hesse Lignal’s Org, the enterprise has achieved compelling changes in the business. In essence, there were significant process improvements and simplification compared to the old CRM system, as well as a fast user adoption due to competent usage and a user-friendly interface.

  • The company also recorded a considerable improvement in the accessibility of the CRM system: For the first time, 100% of all users can access their CRM via the mobile application. “By using Salesforce’s mobile application, we anticipate an 80% improvement in productivity across roughly half of the sales opportunities we’re pursuing, within a very short timeframe after the Go-Live of the system,” says Hesse CSO Michael Heinrichs.
  • In the application, users can view Salesforce data around their customers, including the data directly requested from the connected ERP system.
  • Consequently, there were advanced changes in customer service activities through customized case handling. Finally, Hesse declared an increase in team collaboration and essential improvement of all internal communications using the Chatter functionality.
  • From EMPAUA, we want to thank the Hesse executive leadership team Jens Hesse, Hans J. Hesse and Michael Heinrichs and the project team around the interm CTO Gerold Ohlendorf (GOcon) and project manager Kevin Krämer for the great collaboration on this project.
"After the Salesforce implementation, we hope to increase 50% of the sales activities by 80% productivity after a very short period of time through the use of the mobile application, among other things".
Michael Heinrichs, Chief Financial Officer

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