Salesforce Partner EMPAUA
Salesforce Partner EMPAUA

Media & Entertainment

Companies must pay special attention to customer needs and strengthen customer engagement, deliver quality equipment and entertainment offerings to streamline business strategy, and improve wireless connectivity through more innovative products, services and business models. Hand in hand, the communications sector is challenged by data disparity, personalisation, customisation, and delivering the right message, at the right time.

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Media and Entertainment EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Building new entertainment content

According to the latest research around the M&E industry, expanding and converging content and service offerings, as well as building new entertainment content, are big challenges. Large communications agencies already have all the pieces in place, but they must pay special attention to the development of user environments in a seamless ecosystem. For those still looking to find those pieces, the challenge is greater: they must acquire what they need and/or find partners who can provide them.

Media and Entertainment EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Media & Entertainment Industry Challenges:

  • Generate new entertainment content for all types of audiences. 
  • Reach all audiences according to the devices they use. 
  • Will the same trends continue to generate good business after the pandemic wanes and people start spending fewer evenings at home? 
  • While the world of video games has reached one of its highest points, there are still challenges to be faced, such as creating space for musicians in the field. Only very few platforms support concerts today. 
  • It is essential to offer as many touchpoints as possible to improve customer experience and satisfaction. In this sense, online interfaces have taken centre stage in the consumer buying journey.
Media and Entertainment EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

  • Creating virtual events that are accessible to everyone, while overcoming technical problems such as latency. 
  • Find software that allows remote recording in a studio and similar software that can be adopted across different entertainment platforms for live-streaming. 
  • Facing the digital and intelligent era, where the competition is increasing rapidly and industrial solution providers have entered the game. 
  • Investment to build the 5G network for the adoption of advanced wireless technologies in cybersecurity. 
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