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"We've experienced measurable improvement in sales, business efficiency and partner engagement in the first few months of operation."

Lance Paterson, VP Research

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A structured Sales Cloud solution in less than 45 days.

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Audioboom is a podcasting platform and end-to-end solution for hosting, distributing and monetising online content. It was launched in 2013 and today has more than 4,000 users around the world including several of the world's Top 10 independent podcasts, and major partners such as Formula One Group, Associated Press, The Spectator and many more, receiving over millions of listens per month.


Audioboom needed a reliable platform that would bridge advertisers with podcasters and marketing agencies. Previously, Sales processes were conducted from a collection of spreadsheets, shared documents and paper files, and advertising space was sold on an individual basis. With only a limited view of the Sales pipeline, and offices in the US, UK, India and Australia all needing to add and access data, reporting was limited, and the data was challenging to maintain. Finally, the finance team's process was heavily manual and quite slow, needing multiple checks and reviews to confirm the exact circumstances of each sale from each order.


  • EMPAUA implemented a structured Sales Cloud solution in less than 45 days, without any interruption to business. It enables the Sales team to book multiple slots for the same opportunity from one single page. That allows the company to monitor the number of advertising slots available in podcasts closely, and for the company to book slots well in advance, enabling the team to plan and prioritise effectively.
  • Also, EMPAUA built functionality to create and maintain the slots inventory of each podcaster. For the podcaster-facing side, EMPAUA created a portal, allowing podcasters to log in and check the slots where they need to perform and advertise, and once done confirm the minute where the ad was performed.
  • For the Finance team, EMPAUA created an integration with their billing system which automatically creates all the invoices each broadcast month in Salesforce and these are passed into the billing platform ready to be sent to the advertisers and channels.


  • A customised Salesforce implementation has streamlined Audioboom's processes.
  • Moving from Excel to Salesforce, the time taken for Sales journey has been reduced.
  • From scoping out a potential advertisement to provisioning slots, the cycle is much shorter with previous manual steps now automated. That has drastically increased productivity and reduced the stress levels of the Audioboom team. It has also helped streamline payments and improve communication and relationships with partners and agencies.
  • Audioboom allows podcasters to log in and manage their advertising slots themselves, and almost autonomously. That allows freeing the Sales team from managing each case by case. The invoice generation process was automated, turning a job that used to take the finance team over a day into a couple of hours.
  • Finally, the native Salesforce functionality - with a few tweaks and some training from EMPAUA - has allowed the team to track interactions and sales much more effectively, deliver information where it's needed, and improve businesses across the board.
"Over the last few months, we've been discovering the life-changing magic of tidying your data. Everything is now where it needs to be, all our information is folded together properly ready to use, and we have bid a fond farewell to processes that no longer sparked joy. With the new wider, clearer view of everything we have, we have discovered and enjoyed the value previously hidden away in our files, share information and tasks much more effectively between teams and offices. Moreover, we have been able to deliver measurable improvement in sales, business efficiency and partner engagement in just the first few months of operation. And what's notable is the speed and depth of adoption: we have had remarkably few issues raised from staff, many suggestions, enthusiasm for where we take it next, and - if anything - impatience for new features and extensions they see that we can add. Normally, making a process change of this size across any organisation will cause some issues. But the workflow we had was for the company we were in the past, not the company we are becoming. Some companies hang on to their old processes because they relate to the attachment to the past, or fear for big changes. With the help of EMPAUA, neither is a problem, and we can embark on our new way of working better prepared, with everything we need where we need it. That in itself is a joy!"
Lance Paterson, VP Research

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