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Thanks to the support of EMPAUA and their extensive knowledge, we could finish the implementation on time and on budget

Martin Fichter, COO

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Decreased Opportunity to Order Time & Improved Customer Service

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eGym is a Munich-based startup that offers cloud-connected gym equipment, bringing advanced technologies to an industry that's not developed much in the last 20 years. With a Trainer App and Member App, eGym is tackling the user experience of gym machines, improving the user's workouts, thus creating happier customers and more profitable gyms. Founded in 2011, the startup has attracted investment and has grown the eGym team to over 250 people.


eGym was operating two separate systems for sales and operations, including order management and customer support. Without a fully comprehensive customer overview and some duplicate data entries, eGym was experiencing some difficulties.

Customer support routing to field technicians wasn't positively optimised. With complex products, a more efficient routing system was needed to place the customer with the best field technician required. Lastly, there was a lack of dispatching functionalities from the service tool.


EMPAUA stepped in by extending the implementation of the current sales with a service solution that would accompany the customer from lead to order management to eGym machine installation to customer support and scheduled maintenance.

That gave the sales team, back office and field technicians a 360-degree view of the customer.

EMPAUA implemented Service Cloud allowing for routing of cases according to the product line and language of the request, and for scheduling of on-site eGym hardware installation. The new path of cases was set up for repairs, including dispatch.


As a result of the Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, eGym has achieved a more holistic view of the customer and their journeys from lead to installation to maintenance.

With all data in a single platform, there are now less manual data entry steps. Customer support: better quality data due to detailed issue labelling; better information flow and tracking of the work order.

"Thanks to the competent support of EMPAUA and their extensive knowledge of the service cloud, we could finish the implementation of the service cloud on time and budget"
Martin Fichter, COO

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