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“We enjoyed the high level of flexibility, agility, and proactive knowledge sharing of EMPAUA.”

Alexander Gigga, Co-founder and CMO of Lengoo

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Professional services. Business services

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Customer equipped with a strong Salesforce Setup including a custom email marketing automation tool and successfully deprecated previous CRM tool.

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Lengoo is a Berlin-based language tech company active in the field of language translation. The company innovates AI technology that disrupts the way enterprises tackle multilingual challenges. Connecting custom-trained neural machine translation models with highly skilled translators, Lengoo dramatically reduces the cost for translation and cuts go-to-market times. Founded in 2014, the company today serves some of Europe’s biggest enterprises, such as Sunrise, Sixt, Michelin, or 1&1.


After an MVP Sales Cloud setup (holistic setup of Salesforce to set up the most important and value-added processes), Lengoo was immediately looking for ways to streamline their process and leverage the power of the Salesforce platform.

With their seemingly unlimited growth potential, they wanted to expand their reach as far and wide as possible, while keeping their quality of marketing touchpoints high. They were also still dependent on their legacy CRM, Agile CRM, with some features and data not yet set-up in or migrated to Salesforce.

Lastly, they were looking to have someone in-house take administrative control of their new CRM, supporting users on a day-to-day basis and extending existing functionality.


EMPAUA and Lengoo set out to define and prioritize a list of requirements, combining EMPAUA’s Salesforce best practices knowledge with Lengoo’s unique needs and processes.

EMPAUA developed a scalable process to automate email campaigns for multiple regions and campaigns while respecting GDPR. Sales and marketing processes were tied to email and Task logging in Salesforce, to drive user adoption.

Agile CRM sales features and data were migrated to Salesforce.

Lastly, EMPAUA delivered a series of admin training sessions to the Lengoo administrators.


Lengoo can work faster and target more potential customers with their new tool, leading to increased Lead conversion rate. Campaigns give Lengoo the ability to measure the efficacy of certain campaigns over others and adapt quicker than ever before.

Lengoo is also able to get deeper insights into how users are interacting with different customers, thanks to email/task logging built right into the Lead page. Lengoo is self-sufficient today and able to administer their organization, equipped with the knowledge of not only Salesforce core, but also the custom-built features introduced by EMPAUA.

“We enjoyed the high level of flexibility, agility, and proactive knowledge sharing of EMPAUA.”
Alexander Gigga, Co-founder and CMO of Lengoo

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