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"EMPAUA understood what we were going through from the first moment and came up with solutions from the very first meeting."

Sarah Placchino, CRM Development Manager

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Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS) is a Google premier partner that delivers a complete range of Google Cloud Services throughout Europe. They also provide a CloudMigrator by CloudM: the world's leading migration tool for Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 that allows migrating emails, files, calendars, and much more. CTS has moved more than nine million users and over 23,000 domains using CloudMigrator. Moreover, CloudSolutions offers Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a public platform that allows clients to revolutionise the way they build, deploy and manage web and mobile applications. This system is helping organisations drive forward by leveraging the scalability, security and significant data capabilities of GCP, which also permits businesses to gain an advantageous competitive edge by enabling developers to build, test, and deploy apps on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure.


A few years ago, CTS was already working with a few Salesforce Solutions that were implemented by another partner, but unfortunately, they were not meeting their expectations in a moment of a fast-growing stage for the company, consequently, it was damaging the business, having a massive impact on annual revenues. Moreover, the design, the coding processes and the whole implementation were not being done by experts.

That situation of full frustration made them to urgently find a new Salesforce Partner, and Conga, one of CTS suppliers, suggested that EMPAUA would bring the solutions they needed back then. One of the main problems was the renewal automation system. They were working with it for a couple of years, but it was never built correctly. Each one of the opportunities was controlled manually, causing a lot of close-lost cases and stress in many areas of the business.

CTS was also facing severe problems with invoices not delivering correctly. Customers were complaining, directly affecting sales team. Moreover, CloudSolutions couldn’t gather their data accurately: all the information they had in Salesforce wasn’t in order, and it was wrong. At the time, CTS was spending a lot of time and money to find the right answers and the right people to do the work.


Understanding the CTS context, EMPAUA started a very smooth intervention to reduce people’s stress and frustrations. We knew that our client needed those big projects to be implemented correctly from day one, no mistakes allowed. We met with their stakeholders, gather requirements, and put all together to re-design the renewal automation system within Salesforce from scratch.

We removed everything that was damaging the business and were able to come up with efficient and friendly implementation, which was also personalized for the business. The whole migration was done correctly, and within the time we were both expecting.

“As soon as we met EMPAUA, we knew the relationship was going to work well. We bonded quite quickly because they understood what we were going through from the first moment and came up with solutions from the very first meeting,” says Sarah Placchino, CRM Development Manager at CTS - “We knew we were making the best decision based on EMPAUA’s reputation and history that preceded them.”


We provided an entirely new and reliable data gathering system, as well as an accurate forecasting system that allows them to see all of their customers and possibilities for the next 20 to 24 months.

Today, the renewals teams are flawless; the system is working for them and not against them. The segmentation process is correct, which permits CTS to act at the right moment.

I have worked with partners before, and I have never worked with people whom I believe they are geniuses. They do surprise me every day, they are always suggesting new ideas and proposing solutions. Today, I don’t see EMPAUA as a separate team from our business; they are part of it. They genuinely cared about our company to achieve our goals together; they are very straightforward to work with and the team members are always reachable
Sarah Placchino, CRM Development Manager

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