September 5, 2023

PAUArangers and stories behind their favourite organisations

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At EMPAUA, our PAUArangers come to work every day with a mission: to deliver exceptional service to our valued customers. However, beyond the confines of their professional roles, they share a collective passion for creating a positive and lasting impact. This commitment to making a difference isn't just evident in their work; it extends to how they celebrate their special occasions.

When it's time to celebrate each employee's birthday or work anniversary, our tradition is to offer them a special gift of their choice. Yet, what makes our PAUArangers truly exceptional is their heartfelt decision to forgo this gift, choosing instead to donate its value to a cause dear to their hearts. On this International Day of Charity, we're thrilled to share the touching stories behind their chosen organisations and the profound motivations that drive their commitment to give back.

Carolina - Advocating for Cancer and Heart Disease research with Compassion

Carolina's choice of charities is deeply personal. Having witnessed both of her parents affected by cancer and heart disease, she understands the immense challenges that patients and their families face. That's why she has thrown her support behind the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

These organisations hold a special place in Caro's heart because she has seen firsthand the incredible work they do and the vital support they offer to patients and their loved ones. Her belief in the importance of medical research to combat these diseases drives her commitment to these causes. 

Caro emphasises the significance of continuing to support these charities, not only to help those currently affected but also to pave the way for medical advancements that can improve the quality of life for countless individuals.

Lynette - Championing for the Welfare of Stray Animals

Lynette's heart goes out to animals, especially those abandoned or left to fend for themselves as strays. For her, each of these furry souls deserves love and attention, just like any other living being. That's why she chose to support an animal shelter as her charity of choice.

Lynette's motivation is simple - she wants to ensure that every stray or abandoned animal receives a meal and, ideally, a forever home. She believes that every contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in the lives of these animals.

Her personal connection to the cause is evident in her own family - she has three rescue cats from shelters, all of whom have found a loving home. Her decision to rescue rather than buy from breeders underscores the importance of giving these animals a second chance at life.

 You can learn more about her chosen shelter here.

Desmond - Supporting Pug Rescue: A Love for Pugs Beyond Measure

Desmond, one of our dedicated Solution Architects, has a unique love for a furry friend - pugs. He and his wife are proud pug parents, often showering these adorable canines with affection. However, Desmond knows that owning a pug comes with more responsibilities than meets the eye. Pugs, with their endearing appearance, might seem low-maintenance, but in reality, they require a level of care akin to that of children.

This misperception often leads to a sad reality: many pug owners, unaware of the true extent of care needed, decide to give up their pugs. This is where organisations like Pug Rescue come into play. They selflessly take in these abandoned pugs, providing them with shelter, food, medication, and most importantly, love.

Pug Rescue's mission is to not only rescue these pugs but also to find them new, loving homes. They specialise in caring for the unique needs of this breed, ensuring that each pug gets the attention and care it requires. At any given time, they have approximately 150 dogs under their care, and they rely entirely on donations to continue their vital work.
You can check out their amazing work here

Through these stories from our PAUArangers, we can witness a symphony of compassion and commitment to change. These selfless acts are what drive our company value and make our culture exceptional. Their chosen organisations stand as beacons of light in a world that sometimes needs a little more kindness. 

As we mark the International Day of Charity, let these stories remind us that we all have the power to make a difference, no matter how big or small. Let’s honor the spirit of giving back, for it is through collective acts of kindness that we truly transform the world around us.


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