December 16, 2022

An overview of EMPAUA's donation in 2022

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At EMPAUA, we have always been committed to giving back to our community and society. It’s not just us as a company that is taking action, but our people across the company also actively bring up initiatives in order to support the community around us. 

Each one of our employees receives a present from the company for their birthdays and work anniversaries.  However, recently our people at EMPAUA have started to choose to donate the value of their gift to a cause that is close to their hearts instead. As of the end of 2021, the EMPAUA team had donated a total of more than €1,600 to different types of organisations.

As of November of this year, this number has significantly risen to almost €7000 worth of donations to a large number of different causes and organisations. 

Here are some of the causes and organisations that were donated to by EMPAUA this year:

Human services:
Community Development:

One of our colleagues also runs their own charity and raises money themselves for a personal cause. Lewis Dean, our Marketing Cloud Consultant is currently crowdfunding with his wife in order to build/renovate a preschool in Ongata Rongai, Kenya, to serve the poorest children in a nearby community. Here is the link to their charity.

Other charity works

At the beginning of October, the EMPAUA team took part in the London Marathon and the next Thames Bridges 25km Charity Trek to raise funds for Women's Aid, the Pancreatic Cancer UK, Mind and St. Martin’s School. 

In November, together with our partner Aircall, we sponsored the Salesforce UK Vetforce Team to host “Poppy and Wreath making” workshops in the Salesforce Tower in order to raise awareness and funds in support of The Poppy Factory, an organisation that helps veterans with health conditions into employment. Our PAUArangers from the London office have come together and provided their support in making 10,000 poppies and 22 wreaths as part of the event.

Final words

As a socially responsible company, EMPAUA thrives to continue taking more initiatives to improve our society and community. We also want to show our sincere gratitude for our people’s goodwill in providing support in every way possible. These actions, big or small, together, can have a tremendous impact.


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