May 23, 2022

EMPAUAment Friday: Mastering our self-improvement and career development journey

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Investing in the development of our employees is a no-brainer for us.

Last week, we celebrated another very successful EMPAUAment Friday by organising valuable learning sessions for our team across the company. 

EMPAUAment Friday is designed in such a way that we all take time off from our daily tasks and dedicate it exclusively to personal growth and connection. Our clients are warned weeks in advance and love this day! We have had a lot of support from them. 

On every EMPAUAment Friday, we invite different trainers who give us key tools to learn new skills, get inspired and have a fun time together in different areas: from sales and operations to development. 

Sessions from the last EMPAUAment Friday

New leadership training 

Richard Anjou, coach at The School of Life, guided us through a three-hour workshop in which we immersed ourselves in "How to motivate and inspire others".  

Developing an authentic leadership style is crucial if we want to inspire commitment and get results. Therefore, we reflected on what makes a good leader. 

Richard explained that this involves considering our strengths, weaknesses and blind spots and addressing the key challenges of leadership - from creating a compelling vision, to empowering others. In addition, we practiced self-compassion and how to successfully motivate others . 

At the end of the workshop, we were given an exercise to apply what we learned and to understand that no single style works for everyone. We all prefer specific leadership approaches that best suit our unique personalities.

Change Management for our Clients

The following “masterclass” was delivered by two of our beloved colleagues, Alexander Charles, COO in London, and Stephanie Belle, a Project Manager in Berlin, to educate our employees on organisational change management and adoption to help our clients with their Salesforce implementations.

Throughout  the session, the attendees could find answers on what organisational change management is and how to support a smooth transition to Salesforce while on a project.

We explored what steps our clients need to go through, what structures they need to establish and how  the ADKAR technique can help in guiding this.

GTD Introduction for New Starters

In this session with Sophie Rödl, a coach and former PAUAranger, our new joiners received an introduction to "Getting Things Done", an excellent self-management system which helps them to collect, organise and prioritise tasks and projects to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and that they are always on top of things. This allows them  to also embrace one of the most important company values: “Self-management”.

There were also Individual GTD (Get Things Done) System Check sessions throughout the day. Read here to know more about what these sessions are about. 

Developing Session - Complex Flows

EMPAUAment Friday wouldn’t be complete  without a class about the development world as we are the experts in the field! 

Our excellent Salesforce Developer - Renato Oliveria, currently based in Brazil, educated our team of developers and consultants on operating the utility package that we have built for internal use, from installation to an actual use case.

Learning about extensions will eliminate time-wasting and help standardise the tool used for different projects. Why is it important? Renato explained that he saw a couple of projects where customers asked for custom screen flow, and he noticed that some of them were repeated. Amazing, right?

Do you want to master your self-improvement and career development journey? 

Let’s learn and grow together.

Join our team, we are hiring!

Thank you to our coaches for their unique sessions! Connect with them today!

  • New leadership Training by Richard Anjou from The School of Life 
  • Change Management by Alexander Charles and Stephanie Belle
  • Individual GTD System Checks by Sophie Rödl
  • Developing Session - Complex Flows by Renato Oliveira‍


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