February 18, 2022

EMPAUAment Friday: Leveraging Personal & Professional Development

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What an EMPAUAring day! Last week, we once again delivered a successful EMPAUAment Friday.

We invited professional coaches from different areas who shared insightful sessions with topics to boost our personal and professional development in the company. 

Moreover, our colleagues lead a few of the sessions too! At EMPAUA, everyone has their space to share knowledge, educate and have a good time. 

Story Telling

Over the last EMPAUAment Friday, we got insights into the art of Storytelling by Michael Geerdts. 

In this 4-hour session, we learnt more about storytelling, what makes a story a good story, and how stories give a new identity to your message. 

We also witnessed how storytelling can unite ideas with emotions and ​​how best to use these techniques in the business environment. 

The Story Framework and tips given during this “Master Class”, provided us with a step-by-step guide to developing and telling compelling stories, which is also a useful and effective technique for Sales. 



Richard Anjou from The School of Life, led a 1-hour meeting so we could learn and discuss more about adaptability in the workplace.

With the constant changes we have gone through over the past two years after the pandemic, such as long quarantines, working from home or remotely, we felt it was necessary to have an open conversation about how we adapt to new environments, and how we have evolved new ways of living and working. Today, working from home or taking “work-holidays” seem pretty common for us. 

Richard opened the presentation by explaining what adaptability is, how open we are to receiving change, and how to implement techniques to help us accept those changes. 

According to Anjou, companies need to be agile, and increasingly so do people. Dealing with and even embracing rapid change is a difficult but important skill in our fast-paced and highly unpredictable world. 

That’s why we gave space in this session to discuss why we often fear and avoid necessary change and how we can come to create it instead; learn methods to deal with uncertainty and setbacks and allow for improvisation, uncertainty and growth; and consider how we can actively adapt by welcoming and even initiating and leading necessary change in our organisation.

Coding standards for integrations with Apex Actions

What would EMPAUAment Friday be without addressing technical and current issues in the world of development. We are experts in these topics!  

We covered relevant topics for our amazing Operations team with our own experts! That’s right. Renato Oliveira, Salesforce Developer at EMPAUA based in Brazil, expanded our knowledge on coding standards for integrations with Apex Actions.

For our team of developers and consultants, it is essential to keep on top of the latest trends and updates in the system, so we felt it was crucial to provide a space exclusively to have a conversation around this topic. 

We talked about coding standards for Apex Actions for Flows, and its application on integrations with external systems. Renato presented a technique that he developed and that allows for compensation for a limitation of the Salesforce platform. Just, Wow! 

Best practices of project scoping

The last “Master Class” was also led by two of our colleagues: Alexander Charles, COO based in London, and Theresa Richter, a Salesforce Consultant from Munich, teaching us the best practices of project scoping.

In the session, the participants were able to understand better why proper estimation is vital for the success of EMPAUA. Then, they proceeded to highlight examples of estimation and how easy it is to underestimate, and, therefore, what is needed for a specific mindset when estimating.

Individual GTD (Get Things Done) System Checks

"Self-management" is one of the four values and guiding principles at EMPAUA, which is why we made available 1:1 sessions with our People Circle support members, to have an in-depth look at their current self-management system, uncover improvement potential and brainstorm ways for optimization. 

For us, the well-being of people and supporting them in their working environments is paramount. Thus, for 45 minutes we talk about how to best collect, organise and prioritise tasks and projects to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, and you are always on top of things. 

Meet the Coaches and connect with them! 

We love to learn constantly and keep up to date. 

This makes us EMPAUA!

Does this sound appealing to you? Be part of our team! 

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