September 23, 2019

EMPAUA Summit 2019: Berlin Memories

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[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFrACLqnhCk[/embed]One of the things that most sets us apart as a company is a unique connection between our team members, which is strengthened at each get-together. For us, the bonds we form are fundamental to the success we achieve as a company and a huge motivation to tackle the goals and challenges ahead. This is why we come together every year!This time, the setting for our annual encounter was Berlin - the city where it all started back in 2014: The 7 founders -Nicklas and Julian Teicke, Malte Warczinski, Steffi Kromer, Fabian Wesemann, David Padilla and Jonathan Seoane - were sitting together one evening in July, drinking some wine and talking about how awesome their own Salesforce Org at DeinDeal was. The idea to help others with their Salesforce setup was born and EMPAUA came to life! The first entities were founded in Berlin and Barcelona.Today, we are more than 50 people spread over six offices throughout Europe: Berlin, Munich, London, Zurich, Madrid and Barcelona. Our annual company summit allows us to get to know each other better, as well as share unforgettable experiences despite our distribution across different locations.

This is what the EMPAUA Summit 2019 was like:

Day 1: Laser Tag, Dinner & Party

After picking up the PAUArangers from the other offices at the airport, we met up with the Berliners in East Berlin. Enthusiastically, we celebrated our reunion and formed cross-office teams for our first activity: LaserTag! It was hilarious, and the (much-needed) down-time in between matches was a fantastic opportunity to connect.In the evening, we all went to the HeartSpace Café, a place next to the EMPAUA office in Berlin and a side project of HeartSpace, which belongs to the EMPAUA ecosystem. There we had the pleasure of sharing a fantastic dinner with our founders and close friends. After the dinner, we had a lot of fun with Karaoke and concluded the day by singing "Hey Jude" altogether, the song that became the anthem for the rest of the summit.

Day 2: East Side Gallery Tour, Team Picture & Boat Trip

At 12.30 pm, we took a tour in one of the most iconic spots of the German capital: We’re talking about the East Side Gallery, the world’s longest open-air gallery comprising of the artworks on the Berlin wall - 1.3 kilometres full of history and art right next to the river Spree. Then we took a team picture next to the Wall and the Oberbaumbrücke, one of Berlin’s most famous bridges. From there, we boarded a boat and followed the river Spree to the south-east of the town to reach lake Müggelsee. We made beautiful memories on this three-hour tour!. Afterwards, we all moved to a Korean restaurant, where we were able to rest from a fun day, eat delicious food and enjoy the company of our colleagues.

Day 3: Team Game & Goodbye!

On the last day, we gathered in Alt-Mariendorf, south Berlin, to enter a Team Game adventure: “Team Battle” allows you to play games of agility, skill and intellect with your co-workers.After this last activity, it was time to say goodbye... for now. We are already excited about our next meeting! Where will we go? We don't know yet, but it will be another extraordinary summit for sure.


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