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We are a Salesforce Solutions Consultancy and we’re striving to create a framework whereby every team member is treated equally and authority is distributed amongst us.

This empowers people to take responsibility and make decisions for themselves. We believe that work-life should be engaging, and we should be encouraged to grow as people and professionals.

Self Management

Make your own decisions and manage your own workload. Rather than waiting for approval from different levels of line managers, you are responsible for your decisions and can act straight away.

Erasmus Program

We encourage our employees to visit our different offices on short and medium term visits. We’ve even built our own internal AirBnB app to host team members from different offices.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We’re made up of founders and entrepreneurs and are inspired by innovation and disruption. We’ve had 3 new companies born out of EMPAUA and encourage our team to pursue these ventures within the company.

Innovation Hub

Entrepreneurship is something that lies in the heart of everyone at EMPAUA. This is why we support new founders within our network and encourage them to start new businesses within the EMPAUA Universe.


We believe in life-long learning for the organisation and the individual. We offer a program where everyone can advance and build their unique personal development path.

Uncapped Holiday

We focus on what we achieve, not how many hours we log. We trust that everyone can make their own choices on how much down-time they need.

Team Retreats

Quality relationships are built inside and outside of the office. We organise EMPAUA Holidays and Summits every year to hang out and create shared memories.


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