May 4, 2020

EMPAUA becomes a supporting partner of Gesund-Zusammen (Healthy Together)

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The response to the coronavirus has had an unprecedented impact on the global economy.

For many companies, facing the crisis has been a big challenge and, sadly, many others have had to shut down.

In response, to help contain the crisis that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the world, a broad alliance of German tech companies have united to actively help society, politics and business: Gesund-Zusammen (Healthy Together).

As a non-profit initiative, Healthy Together unites the largest German companies in the digital industry in an open ecosystem to support digital solutions that will combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The movement has been initiated by VIA (a company of the Global Citizen Foundation), wefox Group and finleap, all of whom believe that data protection is still paramount.

These first two companies are also part of our own ecosystem. Other partners include N26, Federal Association of German Startups eV, datenschutzexperte.de, GetYourGuide, Delivery Hero, Omio and many more enterprises that are key to the German economy.

Gesund-Zusammen is not only bringing together the resources and capabilities of the German digital economy, but they also seek and promote open exchange with other digital initiatives so that the ideas with the greatest potential can prevail.

At EMPAUA, we support the idea that sharing is caring. We’re therefore delighted to have joined this non-profit initiative to become a tech and supporting partner, enabling us to actively contribute to all their activities.

We’re able to offer our Health Check Service for free to all startups and middle-sized companies, and indeed have been doing so since the start of the lockdown.

This service is designed for any company using Salesforce, providing them with a free consultation with our experts, a 2-hour virtual workshop and, finally, a State of Work (SoW) that details our recommendations on how to overcome the crisis easily, faster and keep their business alive. We are open to talk with any company, who needs tech advice, so we can come up with the best solutions to their current problems and future challenges.  

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