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The vision behind EMPAUA

We are 55 team members spanning across four European countries with 100+ years of Salesforce experience between us.

We are made up of entrepreneurs, founders, developers, lawyers and former ‘start-uppers’.

We've experienced the challenges of scaling a fast-growing company first hand, which is why we believe we’re best equipped to help your company evolve.

Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have a Salesforce solution that you can rely on.

We’re erasing the pain and frustration that go along with traditional hierarchical structures by empowering all team members to jointly shape the future of our organisation. We operate under Holacracy fundamentals, a way of working that distributes authority among all colleagues and in doing so provides every member with the opportunity to continually develop their skills in the workplace – and in the outside world.

We strongly believe in the advantage of self-organisation and autonomous working while disrupting the way companies operate as a group of PAUArangers.


Create a purpose-driven enterprise where
our purpose is our anchor

We decided early on that we wanted to create a purpose-driven enterprise where our purpose is our anchor and manifests itself in different business areas and organisational undertakings.

Our purpose helps us to bring meaningful change to the world and empowers each and every team member to constantly grow and invest their time and energy across EMPAUA’s various projects.

In essence, we are creating an ecosystem of learning and development in which we support organisations to disrupt their respective industries through technological and organisational innovation.

Of course, we can only do that by living what we teach and sell ourselves. That is why we strongly adapted teal practices that focus on self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose and give us the tools to establish a highly flexible and sustainable organisation.

We believe that by finding purpose, we become more motivated, engaged and productive in what we do. We believe that a sense of purpose comes from within and allows us to think insightfully and enables us to grow.

EMPAUA Salesforce Beratung Berlin
EMPAUA Salesforce solutions and implementations

EMPAUA’s Values and Guiding Principles


As we do not have managers in the traditional sense at EMPAUA – people being involved in all of our tasks, assigning them to us and overlooking everything we do.
  • Getting things done
  • Seeking alignment, but not consensus
  • Being determined to learn and grow


Transparency reveals the background of our actions, makes them understandable and creates trust. It also promotes the participation of everyone in the company and enables ownership and informed decision-making.
  • Default to transparency
  • Communicating proactively


All of our projects are delivered in a team effort, so collaboration is one of our core values. Together, we multiply our contribution: Common goals and mutual support lead to bigger success.
  • Supporting each other
  • Being reliable
  • Striving for quality


Our team is our greatest asset. We are proud that each and every one of us is committed to contributing to a happy and healthy tribe.
  • Striving for connection
  • Fostering a healthy feedback culture
  • Resolving conflicts
Our purpose inspires us to deliver exceptional work to our clients and to grow and develop EMPAUA at the same time. We believe in what we do and invite other individuals and organisations to do the same.

Leadership Team

Till Klotz


Florian Evers

Managing Director, Germany

Sarah Dallimore

Managing Director, UK

Steffi Kromer

Founder & Switzerland MD

Geoffrey Bessereau-Fournier

Delivery Director, DACH

Elena Lange

People & Culture Lead

Rico Marder


Manuela Kirschner

Director of Internal Operations

Meet the EMPAUA Ecosystem

Our purpose is to create a world where every individual is empowered to constantly grow

The EMPAUA world is expanding through creating and incubating new businesses, which aim at disrupting old economies by using new technologies and methods of work. The ultimate goal is to impact as many people, around the world, as possible with our mindset, our culture, and our unique way of working.

To date, eight companies have been founded within EMPAUA.

EMPAUA Salesforce solutions and implementations

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