April 5, 2023

Businesses are turning to Service Cloud to take their customer service to the next level. Here are the key reasons why:

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Deliver digital-first engagement and success from anywhere

Are you looking to provide your customers with the best digital engagement experience? 

Salesforce Service Cloud offers the perfect solution. It’s a digital engagement platform that helps companies take their customer service to the next level.

It enables a connected, personalised service from anywhere and provides service agents and service professionals with simple-to-use tools that help them perform at their best.

Disconnected Experiences Hurt Engagement

Customers get answers quicker and easier through AI-powered workflows. 

Service Cloud is extremely flexible and easy to implement. You can start small and easily add functionality as you grow and as your needs change. 

The implementation is fast and straightforward, and doesn’t require extensive resources for coding and configuring. 

There is also a robust ecosystem of ISV and partner apps that are prebuilt and pre-integrated on the platform.

5 Key Reasons why Businesses are turning to Service Cloud to take their customer service to the next level:

  1. Connecting all digital experiences, automating business processes with AI, to reimagine the contact center and optimise field operations 
  2. Unifying every channel on a single platform, driving omni-channel engagement with chatbots and enabling self-service options 
  3. End-to-end process automation, creating a 360° view of the customer and mobilising the entire company in service of the customer 
  4. Deliver fast, efficient multichannel experiences, leveraging easy-to-use drag-and-drop workspaces and connected apps 
  5. Elevating in-person and virtual field service with customer insights and data, providing real-time appointment updates and virtual troubleshooting.

Deliver digital-first engagement and success from anywhere

EMPAUA & Salesforce Service Cloud in Action: 

Cloud Solutions Technology (CTS) is a leading IT services provider based in the UK. 

They specialise in providing cloud computing solutions such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud services. They also offer a wide range of IT services including managed services, consultancy, and more. CTS is committed to providing customers with the best cloud computing solutions and IT services.

Cloud Solutions Technology (CTS) was looking for a way to streamline their customer service processes. 

EMPAUA provided the perfect solution – Salesforce Service Cloud. 

With Service Cloud, CTS was able to: 

  • optimise their customer service, 
  • making it more efficient and effective
  • to track customer service requests, and 
  • have them routed to the right team member quickly and easily 

They were also able to automate processes, ensuring that customer service requests were handled quickly and accurately. 

Additionally, they were able to customise their customer service experience to meet their customer’s needs. 

With Service Cloud, CTS was able to deliver a better customer experience, while also reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Discover how EMPAUA helped Cloud Solutions Technology (CTS) take their customer service to the next level with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Click here to read the entire story and find out how you can benefit from Service Cloud too!

What do you gain with Salesforce Service Cloud? 

Service Cloud helps to improve the employee experience for agents and field service staff, by eliminating repetitive tasks and managing workload. 

It enables them to focus on providing excellent customer service, regardless of whether they are working remotely or in-person.

Get started with Service Cloud today and take your customer service to the next level!

Solve Customers Cases Faster

As a Salesforce Consulting and Strategic Partner that specialises in Financial Services, Professional Services, High-Tech and more, with teams certified in Service, Marketing, Sales, Revenue Cloud, Pardot Tableau and much more, EMPAUA can implement Service Cloud quickly and efficiently. 

We’ll help you deliver great customer service, and drive loyalty, from anywhere.



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