December 17, 2021

EMPAUA team donated a total of more than €1,600 to organisations in 2021

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At EMPAUA, there is a budget for each employee’s birthday and company anniversary.

For each of these occasions, we strive to come up with the perfect present that will bring them joy. However, beginning this year, people at EMPAUA can also choose to donate the value of their gift to a cause that is near and dear to their hearts instead.

In 2021, the EMPAUA team donated a total of more than €1,600 to organisations supporting:

  • The environment (e.g. Atmosfair)
  • Children (e.g. Ein Herz für Kinder)
  • LGBTQ (e.g. LSVD)
  • Medical research (e.g. Alzheimer’s research)
  • Medical care (e.g. Doctors Without Borders)
  • Animals (e.g. PRO Dogs Direct) and many others.

They might only be small amounts, but many little acts make a big difference over time!

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