Salesforce Partner EMPAUA
Salesforce Partner EMPAUA

Salesforce Managed Services

Managed Services is a retainer-type project that allows clients to utilise our trusted team of professional consultants and developers to attend to the functionality requirements as prioritised by the client.

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EMPAUA Salesforce Solution

Ensure you Salesforce org is up-to-date with our expert's Recommendations and Releases

  • Managed Services is a retainer-type project that allows clients to utilise our trusted team of professional consultants and developers to attend to the functionality requirements as prioritised by the client. In addition, if we resolve your cases faster than you can raise them in a month, we add value for our clients by conducting regular technical analyses of the org and ensure that their orgs are up-to-date with Salesforce Recommendations and Releases.
  • We also use a variety of tools and processes to collaborate with our clients around possible work to be done, as well as upcoming Salesforce features and updates that may be of benefit.
  • Your dedicated Project Manager is there to ensure continuity of service as well as to understand your preferred way of working, and ensure that our SLAs and commitments to you are met.
EMPAUA Salesforce Solution

Maintain and continuously adapt your Salesforce instance to keep up with your changing business processes while you focus on overall business operations

  • A natural progression from Project Implementation to supporting and enhancing your evolving business journey. 
  • We adapt your Salesforce org to parallel the growing needs of your business and clients, leveraging the latest functionality and collaborating with your team. 

EMPAUA Salesforce Solution

What we do: Support & Enhancements

  • Streamlined case logging
  • Personal contact
  • Engaged team of professionals
  • Multi-cloud administration, Troubleshooting, configuration and development.
EMPAUA Salesforce Solution

What we do: Health & Maintenance

  • Org security
  • Release updates prep
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Apex and Flow error checks
  • Early risk detection
EMPAUA Salesforce Solution

What we do: Adoption

  • User training
  • Learning path
  • Collaboration
  • User Experience Roadmap
EMPAUA Salesforce Solution

EMPAUA's Managed Services Case Life Cycle

  • Community Portal: Client logs case via Community Portal.
  • New Case: System Sends New Case confirmation.
  • Contact: Personal contact made within agreed time-frame.
  • Review: Review, clarify and estimate the work.
  • Assign Case: Assign case to a forecasted team member.
  • Sandbox: Work done in Sandbox, tested and deployed upon User acceptance.
  • Test: Test production scenario, Close case upon User acceptance.
  • UAT: The customer tests the software. End-user process.
  • Deploy: Your Salesforce is running at its best!

Qualities that make the difference

Four reasons why EMPAUA should be your next Salesforce partner

salesforce partner in Germany


We help companies in hyper-growth phase to modernise their systems and achieve their ambitious goals in a rapid timeframe.

salesforce partner in Germany

Aggressive timelines

Our team of experts works at the speed of light. From the first workshop to the reproduction of sprint one in just three weeks.

salesforce partner in Germany

Industry Experience

We have a multidisciplinary team of the best architects, consultants, developers and experienced project managers. In parallel, we develop a design flow that feeds the construction team.

salesforce partner in Germany

Speed of Growth

We work in a fully agile format to effectively and proactively help our customers begin the Salesforce journey to transform their businesses and immerse themselves in the digital age.

EMPAUA Salesforce Managed Services

Best Practises

This is what you need to know about EMPAUA's Salesforce Managed Services Best Practises

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

Proactive Maintenance

From Salesforce Health Check to Managed Services.
EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

Release Updates

Salesforce releases every four months. How do these updates affect your Org? We are prepare for all Salesforce updates.
EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

Salesforce Optimiser

Improving how your Org is running using key components such as: Feature, Type, Estimation, Urgency.
EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

Training Services

For Salesforce Administrators or Developers to download better reports, engage with your Org. and improve team productivity. Get a full assessment for a proper Salesforce adoption.

“We enjoyed the high level of flexibility, agility, and proactive knowledge sharing of EMPAUA.”

Alexander Gigga, Co-founder and CMO of Lengoo

Salesforce Managed Services

Unlock the power of your Salesforce Org. with EMPAUA to build strong customer relationships, skill up teams, and maximise productivity.

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Our Salesforce solutions enhance the way organisations operate


We have what you need. Our stellar team of consultants, analysts and developers is here to take your business to the next level.

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Unique Approach

EMPAUA's Methodology

1. Discovery

We understand your vision and goals with a comprehensive discovery phase, and aim to embed ourselves in your business.

2. Design

Roadmap of how your Salesforce solution will align with, and optimise your business processes to achieve your short-term and longer-term objectives.

3. Develop

Iterative and continuous development that delivers value quickly, with our approach ensuring quick wins are identified and achieved.

4. Deploy

Our partnership continues post go-live, as we move onto future phases. Constant review of priorities to ensure your Salesforce solution is evolving in line with your vision.

Salesforce Consultancy

Our Process

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Discovery call

Have a first call with our representatives and Salesforce adviser to discuss your business challenge, expectations and goals.
Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA


Let's deep-dive into your business needs. We will provide the option to have a workshop, so we can work on a comprehensive statement of work.
Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Project Kick-off

Using our Agile methodology approach, we will start your project including a buiding and a testing stage.
Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Project Implementation

Our team of Consultants, Developers and Solution Architects will implement the project scope.
Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA


Our team of experts will provide training and successfully work on the roll-out of your projects.
Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA


Success! Now you can go live.
Salesforce Implementation

Our Process

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Project kick Off & Requirements gathering

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Configuration & Setup

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Data migration

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

User Adoption

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Project management, QA & Deployment

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Post go-live support

Salesforce Managed Services

Our Methodology

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Simple case logging and engagement

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Reserved consultant time for continuity of service

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Proactive maintenance support 

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Effective solutions that are relevant to your users

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

QA & UAT protocols for quality solutions

Salesforce Consulting EMPAUA

Deployment and post-deployment support

Strong business growth begins with the right partners

Delivering the right support for our clients' success starts with the right partners

Clients are at the heart of our business. We’ve worked with more than 14 unicorns companies in Europe and exciting enterprises from some of the fastest growing industries in the world.

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Our company


Fast becoming the first-choice Salesforce Partner for Europe’s unicorn companies, we are trusted by clients such as N26, wefox, SumUp, Crowdcube,, and many more.

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Having gone through the start-up phase of a company ourselves, we have experienced the problems and challenges that fast-growing companies face first-hand. With a combined total of 100+ years of Salesforce experience, we’ve delivered almost 2 thousand projects.

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

Cloud Experts

Our Salesforce expertise is reflected in the quality of our methodology and deployment. We have a team of experienced professionals ready to make your business a success. Our implementation is fast, effective, and reliable because we are a one-stop shop.

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

In-depth Industry Knowledge

We understand the key challenges that each industry faces, and our qualified team is here to tackle them with you.

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions


We love how diverse our company is! Our team is composed of 14 nationalities working under the concepts of self-management and is always committed to driving change and making an impact.

About us
EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions