Salesforce Partner EMPAUA
Salesforce Partner EMPAUA

Financial Services

COVID-19 forced all companies, regardless of industry and size, to grapple with digital transformation beyond the point of no return - and this had to be done quickly.

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Financial Services EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Investing and adopting new tech

We could describe this in one sentence: Investing and adopting new tech. Digital transformation is full steam ahead and is requiring the financial industry to innovate and revamp its processes to deliver superior customer experiences. 

Financial Services EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Financial Services Challenges:

  • Everything has moved online
  • Smooth and effortless digital customer experiences
  • Data Security
  • Data personalisation
  • Data organisation and management
  • Change Management, so your employees are willing to accept change without resistance, and at the same time, provide training   
  • Business scalability
Financial Services EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

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Why choose EMPAUA?

EMPAUA is a European digital consultancy with offices in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Spain. EMPAUA leverages the Salesforce platform to help businesses progress to the next level. With over 1300 customer projects completed in just 6 years, EMPAUA offers generalist business process experience, as well as in-depth industry knowledg.


Having gone through the start-up phase of a company ourselves, we have experienced the problems and challenges that fast-growing companies face first-hand. With a combined total of 100+ years of Salesforce experience, we’ve delivered almost 2 thousand projects.

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Cloud Experts

Our Salesforce expertise is reflected in the quality of our methodology and deployment. We have a team of experienced professionals ready to make your business a success. Our implementation is fast, effective, and reliable because we are a one-stop shop.

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

In-depth Industry Knowledge

We understand the key challenges that each industry faces, and our qualified team is here to tackle them with you.

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions


We love how diverse our company is! Our team is composed of 14 nationalities working under the concepts of self-management and is always committed to driving change and making an impact.

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