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Our Salesforce implementation project was completely care-free with EMPAUA.

Stefan Debortoli, Head of IT

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Liechtenstein Life, a The Prosperity Company-licensed subsidiary, offers life insurance and retirement provisions. With a modern infrastructure and experience in financial markets, the insurance company is on a mission to modernise the way that risk protection is carried out, making it transparent along the way.


Liechtenstein Life needed a sustainable CRM to help them grow their partner base from +/- 300 to 1000. They needed a secure and scalable system that would support their growth as they welcomed new partners to their platform. Operating across Europe, the insurance required a CRM that would allow for full visibility across their new partner base, and a platform which would allow for easy information input and document uploads of new partners to the system.


Liechtenstein Life invested in Salesforce and turned to EMPAUA to help them Implement Sales Cloud and Partner Community Cloud. After understanding needs and requirements, EMPAUA designed a solution that relieved pressure from the Sales team by taking care of the partnering cycle from lead creation to new partner onboarding.

  • An onboarding flow, in the Liechtenstein Life corporate identity theme, was created, enabling partners to upload the relevant documents to Salesforce.
  • Previously a manual step, this saved a lot of time of the Sales team. EMPAUA also implemented a customised Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) outfit, synced with Sales Cloud, that would allow for the sending of dynamic emails, meaning that Liechtenstein Life could reach their broker partners in a personalised manner.
  • As well as this, EMPAUA set up Engagement Studio, Campaigns and Automation, enabling the company to customise and edit the journeys for new brokers.
  • Besides, white paper downloads on the company website were connected to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), allowing the tool to pull the relevant data from the user, to personalise in emails.


As a result of the Salesforce implementation via Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) and Partner Community Cloud, many manual steps in the partner onboarding process are now automated and streamlined, saving time and resources.

The journey from the first contact with new brokers to the onboard broker is now a seamless process, and Liechtenstein Life can offer their brokers a highly personalised experience, even as they continue to expand.

“Our Salesforce implementation project was completely care-free with EMPAUA. Thanks for your great cooperation!”
Stefan Debortoli, Head of IT

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