February 7, 2017

Why is Salesforce the Right CRM for You?

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The business landscape is changing at a rapid rate. Daily, we face information overload across numerous mediums and devices. Yet for many, staying on top of things has never been harder.Ask yourself the question, “What am I doing to successfully filter out this ‘noise’ so that I can focus on what makes my business great and the best it can be”? The key word here is ‘successful’. You might be filtering out ‘noise’ but how many useful resources are being utilised unnecessarily by doing so? What if one or even a few of these resources left - what would happen to your business? It’s a very worrying thought. And it’s the reason so many businesses across the globe have chosen a solution - a potentially limitless solution - to avoid this risk so that they can enhance their business and focus on customers. That solution is Salesforce.Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. It enables users to manage all their organisations relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers. The objective is to increase productivity which in turn will improve profitability. However, Salesforce is so much more than that. These are only some of the many reasons why.


Access Salesforce from anywhere at anytime on any device - all you need is a browser or App. With the Salesforce Offline Edition you don’t even need a web connection! This gives you the power to access your information and connect to your customers regardless of whether you are out on the road, sitting in a cafe or on a train. Sync your calendar, emails and tasks with Salesforce automatically - no more double-entry or relying on various sources of information. Watch your productivity soar!

Customisation & Flexibility

Every single business is unique. Which Salesforce recognises with its fully customisable platform, providing you with the opportunity to align it to your business processes and overall strategy. More importantly, for the majority of changes you do not need to be a developer or have the ability to write code to do this. What makes Salesforce stand out from its competitors is it has been designed for users to customise through ‘click not code’. The power to make changes and make it your CRM is at your fingertips.


This is what Salesforce thrives on - providing your business with the automation it needs to improve operational efficiency. Quickly and easily set up workflows including email alerts, record creation, new tasks, internal posts, field updates. Previously manual tasks can be automated within Salesforce, increasing your resources capacity to focus on customers. Imagine the impact on your business if a Sales employees capacity increased by even just 10%? Half a day a week extra which could equate to an extra 2 meetings, 10 calls, 5 emails and 1 proposal a week? Replace the time and money previously spent on these tasks through automation with revenue generating activities and it will not be long before you see the ROI of Salesforce.


Salesforce can be used by companies of 1-2 employees right up to Enterprise level. Few CRM’s have this capability so if you want to avoid additional costs down the track of migrating data to a different CRM and incurring down-time of employees etc. then choose a solution like Salesforce which can scale to your business size. A successful implementation will ensure that your Salesforce CRM grows as your business grows, regardless of the volume and possible changes you encounter along the way.

Collaboration & Visibility

Have all the information you need about your business; in real-time at a click of a button. How many of you can instantly tell me your current opportunity pipeline; actuals vs. targets for the month; how many new customers for the month; KPI’s of employees etc.? Salesforce provides you and all users complete transparency of your business and its customers - turn this data into something useful, the options are limitless. Reduce the clutter your employees see with dynamic dashboards, providing them with only relevant information. Encourage collaboration between your employees with quick and easy insights into what is happening with their customer..

Integration Capabilities

Are you currently using other applications within your business? Integration of these applications helps your business achieve even greater levels of efficiency and quality… and the good news is that Salesforce already has APIs built for hundreds of applications used and this list is continually growing, allowing you to streamline your business.

Missed Opportunity Identification

Businesses can often quickly tell you how much business they lost that year. But what about all those missed sales opportunities? Relationships and revenue that you missed out on because you weren’t even aware of it and no prospecting activity was made to reach it? Salesforce gives you that competitive advantage so you never miss out on opportunities again. Structure your data in Salesforce to align with your strategy to ensure an effective prospecting plan is in place.


As well as the support provided by Salesforce themselves if you encounter any issues or have a question there is also the world-wide Salesforce community. The Salesforce community are incredibly informative, innovative and helpful. There is so much knowledge and experience out there and it is a great feeling to know that fellow users want to share this with as many people as possible. Especially when you are starting your Salesforce journey: knowing you have an entire network of specialists, partners and customers to support you along the way makes it a much easier ride.

Security & Access

You can be assured that your data remains safe with Salesforce - it is secure, private and trustworthy. They use a multi-layered approach to protect information which is constantly monitored and improved. "Nothing is more important to our company than the privacy of our customers' data." Parker Harris, Co-founder, SalesforceThis list could go on. And on! Ultimately, Salesforce is the Number 1 CRM Worldwide for a reason - find out why today. If you want more information about Salesforce and the services we offer to assist you with implementing and maintaining in your organisation then please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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