January 30, 2017

Why I Work at EMPAUA

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Creating a world where every individual is empowered to constantly grow by disrupting the way organisations operate, while creating the leaders of tomorrow. The first time I heard EMPAUA’s mission I felt a blend of joy and incredulity. Did such a company really exist or was it just one more sales pitch to attract employees? A very cool sales pitch, though. I left the interview telling myself that, whatever it was, I had to get that job and discover if it was for real…And here I am a few months later convinced that this is the place where I want to be because of several reasons:I work at EMPAUA because I believe that a new organisation where people are engaged at work is possible. EMPAUA developed from the need of turning around people’s disengagement at work, perpetuated by the strong hierarchical structures at most companies. Such disengagement is costing the world economy a few trillion per year and including mental health, probably a couple more. Creating a place where people are satisfied to work at and have no limit to develop their potential is a hard mission, but even if some people find it idealistic or just don’t understand what this is about, I know my job is very important and I’m proud of my choice.I work at EMPAUA because I don’t have to sell my opinions to any manager, since I know they always count. Our company is a teal organization, which has not been designed to become a means to achieve management’s objectives, but has its own purpose instead. We have run away from politics at the workplace and each of us is solely responsible for what we do. In fact, to resist the temptation and have the power well distributed, we don’t even have managers! And, to keep it cool, we always put values before skills and growth and only recruit candidates that fit first for the organisation and the purpose to ensure we all share the same vision.

I work at EMPAUA because we have created a place with no cultural boundaries where we are encouraged to be ourselves. EMPAUA embraces diversity at the workplace. We have around 10 different nationalities, and we are only around 40 people! We have our own “Erasmus” programme to encourage employees to spend time in other offices, get to know their team mates and discover the local culture in Barcelona, Madrid, London, Berlin or Zurich. We also want to get rid of any professional masks, so we are always ourselves in the office. Even during the recruitment process, we encourage potential teammates to be themselves because we love getting to know them and showing EMPAUA the way it is.I work at EMPAUA because I truly care about people and I can feel they care about me. The atmosphere at EMPAUA is a very special one because our secret potion is simply to genuinely listen to each other. No matter how busy someone is, they’ll always find the time to talk to you or help you out because we all know well that people come first. We let ourselves develop deeper bonds with each other as our politics-free environment makes possible working in an office where you can have friends. We promote constructive feedback and highly encourage giving recognition or praising teammates, and we even have special channels for it. We are aware that certain circumstances might come up and put work in the background, so we are ready to support anybody emotionally. In general, we like talking openly about how we feel and people always do their best to understand us.I work at EMPAUA because the time for personal development is not in one year, five years or “when I save enough to quit my job and go on a world tour”; the time is now! At EMPAUA, my career path is as open as it can be, because I can keep on looking for the roles I like the most as our structure constantly changes. On top of it, EMPAUA supports my personal growth and helps me discover how to develop my main interests both inside and outside work. If I enjoy writing, I might be able to create content for our blog. If I like travelling, I might be able to work at a different office or work remotely from any country for a couple of months. EMPAUA also pushes me to grow as a better person and usually reminds me to judge opinions instead of people, to accept the responsibility and blame I have in any problem that might arise and to be empathic and think positive about anybody’s behaviour.All in all, EMPAUA’s ultimate goal is changing the world by changing those around us first. It might sound too revolutionary, but, after all, progressive ideas have always been the ones that have led the change.

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