March 23, 2017

What makes EMPAUA a unique place to work?

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After first hearing about EMPAUA over the phone whilst looking for my next career move, I was immediately gripped and haven’t looked back ever since. Words that were used to describe this startup salesforce partner included: young, innovative, agile and different - EMPAUA hasn’t failed to meet these expectations. I have to admit though, one of the big draws to EMPAUA initially was a few of the benefits, uncapped holiday, no boss and complete flexible working to name a few. These type of new age benefits seem to create a range of emotion in people, excitement initially, fading to worry, and then finishing with a lot of questions. All of these benefits tie in with the self management philosophy of EMPAUA. We believe that employees are the biggest asset of a company, not the biggest risk and should be treated as such. This topic was covered a few weeks ago by Malte Warczinski, CEO of EMPAUA.Within this blog post I’d like to cover a range of the benefits of working with EMPAUA, and the reasons why these are offered.

Self Management (No Boss)

One of the most exciting benefits to work for EMPAUA is the fact we have no line management. This is usually the benefit that attracts the biggest range of emotions when people are told, and rightly so, it’s completely unheard of! “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” - Steve JobsAs Steve Jobs famously said above, what is the point in hiring intelligent people to tell them what to do? Everyone we hire at EMPAUA is motivated and intelligent enough to make their own decisions and manage their workload. This also means that decisions get made almost instantly, if you are responsible for something and it’s safe enough to try, you don’t need to get approval from anyone, just do it!You may be thinking that no mangement = chaos. But we actually run an extremely structured and rule based self-management operating system called Holacracy. This was made famous when the 1000+ employee company Zappos adopted Holacracy successfully in 2015.

Entrepreneurial Environment

Creating a world where every individual is empowered to constantly grow by disrupting the way organisations operate, while creating the leaders of tomorrow.”. - EMPAUA's purposeBy the very nature of our existence, we are entrepreneurs, and we hire people that have a similar mindset. This creates an extremely motivating, driven, innovative environment that brings the company and us as individuals forward. This kind of mindset and environment means that new ventures are constantly being worked on and talked about. Employees are fully supported in pursuing these ventures with the backing of EMPAUA in funding and resources.

Flexible Working

Working in the cloud and hiring the right kind of mindset, means that flexible working is a no brainer. Our employees set their own working hours and location, no approval needed.The 9-5 mindset is one that does not exist within EMPAUA. Obviously these hours are the working norm, and therefore for maximum communication efficiency when working with clients it’s probably best to work somewhat within these hours. But why shouldn’t you be able to go the gym in the morning and come in at 10am? Why shouldn’t you take a long lunch and work a bit harder in the evening?This small change can increase employee happiness with practically no downsides. People are generally intelligent enough to not go shopping when they have a client meeting!

Startup & Hypergrowth Client Base

EMPAUA’s positioning in the Salesforce implementation market is unique. We focus on the organisations that are trying to disrupt markets with fresh ideas and the slickest technologies. Working primarily with these types of businesses has given us a huge amount of experience with the pains that Startup & Hypergrowth companies have when it comes to CRM. They need a system that can support huge growth, integrations with backend platforms and new ideas when it comes to selling and customer support.For EMPAUA employees, there is no doubt that these types of companies are some of the best to work with. These companies have the same views as us, they run similar employee philosophies and they are creating some of the coolest products and services out there. This further reinforces our entrepreneurial mindset and there is never a dull project.

Erasmus Program

EMPAUA has offices in 5 locations; Berlin, Barcelona, London, Madrid & Zurich. Giving us a diverse array of employees from different languages, backgrounds and cultures. This expansion in offices shows no signs of slowing down, and we wish to continue this trend that has happened since our founding just over 2 years ago. Being spread across Europe means that it is important we make an effort to ensure we come together as one company often. This was brought to light in a post by one of my colleagues, Elena, a few months ago.As well as coming together for team events, we promote visiting and working from our other office locations through an EMPAUA Erasmus program, for short and medium term visits. This is enabled by our very own “Air-BnB” type App that we have developed in our Salesforce Org. Employees of EMPAUA can offer to host people, and others can apply. We currently have 7 flats on offer in 4 countries, of which there have been 16 stays. This is a great way to ensure team mates get connected, encourage travelling to other countries and to have a lot of fun in the process!More recently Sarah has spent 3 months working out of the Berlin office from London, and Maria spent 3 months working out of the Madrid office from Berlin!

Uncapped Holiday

Uncapped Holiday is a movement that has been promoted by companies such as Virgin, Netflix & LinkedIn. Aiming to increase employee happiness and provide that extra degree of freedom.This ties in very naturally with our flexible working and self management policies. Employees are already in charge of their own workload and working hours, so why not choose when they take days off? EMPAUA has the right mindset for this kind of policy as no one is looking for a freeride. In the same way that we believe our employees are intelligent enough to not go off shopping when they have a client meeting, we believe they are capable enough not to take long periods of holiday whilst in the middle of a project. We’d love to hear what you think about our policies and if you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch. We are actively hiring in all offices!joinus@empaua.com

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