August 5, 2022

What do you do for a balanced life?

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Having a passion outside of work is rather important for us to be happy and keep healthy mental health. Research shows that doing something you care about outside of work can benefit both your personal life and your career. 

A study at San Francisco State University says that employees who pursue creative activities outside of work may find that these activities boost their performance on the job. 

As a teal organisation, EMPAUA values our people as a whole for who they are, their creativity and what they do beyond work. 

We recently asked our PAUA-rangers the question: “What are you passionate about that isn’t your job?”, and we we received various dynamic answers from them. Let’s check them out here: 

From the love for cooking and baking…

Katalin, Salesforce Consultant based in Barcelona:

“I like to be creative and give recipes my own twist or make my own. I always enjoyed it but I got even more into it while spending a lot of time at home during the pandemic. I might have also caught a bit of the hype around pursuing a healthier lifestyle so I always cook from scratch and leave out all the “bad ingredients”.

Jess, Head of operations based in London:

“My father was a pastry chef and had his own bakery. I spent my childhood growing up around danishes, cheesecakes, tarts, you name it."

"I didn’t think anything special of it, and then when I got to university, I missed the desserts my dad made so I started trying to make them on my own. now, whenever I have a craving I bring out my baking tools and ingredients. for the past few years, I’ve also made my bread on a weekly basis!"

"I love trying a new recipe, and the whole process and test of patience it brings.”

To the “obsession” for personal development…

Theresa, Salesforce Consultant based in Munich:

I’m definitely into personal development and getting to a better version of myself. I like spending time reading up or listening to good books, podcasts, or articles. I am also following a ton of interesting Instagram sides that look at different areas of life such as finances, health, spirituality, travel, relationships, and courage.

"How I found this passion: being at a personal low point when COVID hit, having exited a long-term relationship, and trying to find myself and how to spend time sensibly in this crazy yet beautiful world of ours. When stuck with myself at home the question: “What do you want to do with your life?” kept coming back at me."

What makes you pursue it?

"I am addicted to growth. So fun to compare who you were half a year ago with whom you are now when you follow some daily habits, especially when trying to tackle big projects. It’s not about doing extraordinary things once in a while, it’s about doing the small things consistently. Having realized I can break down anything into small steps and then be able to tackle a lot of problems is quite fun. You can set yourself the most amazing goals."

"Some stuff I’m proud of: having done a Transalp by foot and a master’s degree next to working nearly full time. Both required a lot of small steps to get the final task done and I got to say: that most of the time it was more fun on the road and stuck to it during hard times than when having achieved the actual goal. There is a german saying: the road/route is the goal and I think it is very true.”

A Kendo devotee

Wei, Salesforce Project Manager based in Munich:

“I have been learning Japanese Kendo since 2014. I was attracted by Kendo at the beginning as a fitness method, but when I practice more and more, I found that Kendo is not only an exercise that keeps muscle strong but also a philosophy that inspires my thought in daily life.

One of the key spirits in Kendo calls "Fu-rin-ka-zan" (from The Art of War by Sun Tzu), which means - Let your rapidity be that of the wind, your gentleness that of the forest. In raiding and plundering be like fire, be immovable like a mountain.

Kendo is a very good mental and concentration training. It benefits me with my study, with work and with life. Once I'm practicing Kendo, all negative thoughts are gone, which I call "dynamic meditation", which is one of the best ways for me to relax and throw stress away.”

A real foodie

Caitlin, Salesforce Consultant based in Berlin:

“I am passionate about finding new restaurants to try, either when I’m at home in Berlin or when I travel. I like finding places that serve local food so I can experience part of culture of the place I am in."

"I also like to find places that serve seasonal vegetables because I think they taste better and it supports the environment. If you have any restaurants recommendations for me, please let me know!”

A Klettersteige (Via ferrata) “freak”

Max, Business Analyst based in Munich:

“Due to the connected and digital way of working, which allows us 100% flexibility at EMPAUA, I usually spend most of the time on my laptop. That’s why I’m spending more and more time in nature and in the mountains at the weekends and after work. It all started with small hikes from Munich and meanwhile, no climbing passages are left out, so that every trip has something to offer.”

Now that you've known our PAUA-rangers’ passions out of work, we want to know yours! 💙


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