April 15, 2021

EarthDay2021: It's time to take climate Action!

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

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As a conscientious and responsible company, we want to be part of the causes that really matter and for which we all should act today. That is why we are delighted to be joining this year’s Leaders For Climate Action campaign and support #EarthDay2021.

At EMPAUA, these are topics that motivate and inspire us. Which is why we have been working on an internal programme, to enable us to become a carbon-neutral company, since 2020.

To this end, our commitment today is to make sustainable progress in reducing our emissions as a company and supporting our workforce, encouraging them to live more sustainably.

We are still in the very early stages, but we’re really excited about what is coming up for us. Our goal for 2021 is to work on a carbon footprint program to offset EMPAUA’s emissions on a yearly basis. It is still a learning process for us, but we are aiming to work on a carbon-offset program, so we can invest in low-carbon development projects both within the cities, where we have offices, and around the world.

Our short-term plans include undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment of our offices, as a starting point for further work on Environmental Sustainability.

We also want to work on an internal education programme, which will allow us to educate ourselves and provide the necessary tools to raise awareness among our colleagues.

We are supporting #EarthDay2021! Are you?

Take climate action now → https://tfca.earth/en_de/ #TimeForClimateAction #5minsForThePlanet

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner


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