May 18, 2017

Upgrade to Lightning Experience seamlessly with the NEW Migration Assistant!

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The Lightning Experience was officially released at Dreamforce 2016 and has been in the constant spotlight ever since. The new UI has been the first major change in the Salesforce UI since it’s inception in 1999 (When the product was originally based on Amazon.com!)Since it’s release, LE has been a bit of an enigma for some. All features were not released on both Classic & LE, there are some products which are not supported with the new UI, and if you have a lot of custom development, then you best get testing to ensure it works!Thankfully Salesforce have put in a huge amount of work with every release to ensure that you can migrate to Lightning as quick as possible, and they have just made it even easier. The new Migration Assistant evaluates your knowledge, your Org, and your features to ensure you and it are ready to make the jump.


Transitioning to Lightning Experience can be a daunting process. As an admin, you must be waring of what is going to be affected in your Org, as well as how your Users are going to be effected. Taking the leap blindly and then consequently receiving a lot of complaints from users about missing features is not something any Admin wants to do.There have been various measures set in place that won’t allow you to upgrade to Lightning if a certain feature is enabled that is not supported, but the Migration Assistant takes it to a whole new level!


This tool was originally added earlier this year in Spring ’16, but had limited functionality. It now helps you evaluate your whole Org’s needs and even provides workaround features.You will notice this new add-on just below the Quick Find / Search bar in Setup. Remember that this feature is being added as part of Summer ’17 which is due to come out starting June 2nd, so this will only be available in your sandboxes.Clicking Get Started will bring you to this page where you can begin learning about Lightning Experience and prepare to migrate from Salesforce Classic.

This first page is simply just a Learning page where you can learn about Lightning Experience, compare the differences between Classic and Lightning, and complete the Trailhead module on migrating to Lightning Experience. You can skip this section if you are confident with your knowledge of Lightning Experience.The next page will check your Org’s “Readiness” to migrate to Lightning Experience. This will check what settings need to be enabled in your Org to get key features and customizations ready for Lightning. Salesforce will email you a readiness report with recommended actions and workarounds.After that you have the choice to preview Lightning Experience before committing to the change, this enables you to test features and customizations that aren’t evaluated by the Readiness Check and fix any issues there and then. Be aware that any configuration changes you make in Preview are reflected in classic.Next you get the choice to add optional features such as setting up your own Domain, Shared Activities, News, and Social Accounts/Contacts/Leads.Lightning isn't a matter of IF but WHEN, so make sure you take all the steps necessary to ensure you are prepared for the switch.If you'd like to learn more on how to make the switch to Lightning Experience using Migration Assistant, there's a Trailhead module that will walk you through the steps to enable Salesforce Lightning.

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