November 21, 2019

Trailhead GO, the new Salesforce Mobile App created with Apple for iOS users

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The two monsters in technology have disrupted the Tech news with this fantastic achievement. Trailhead GO includes exclusive iOS and iPadOS features, so if you are an Apple user and you are interested in Salesforce learning, this might be interesting for you.E-learning is one of the most important missions of the American could-based software company. The Salesforce community keeps growing; hence, Trailhead GO aims to reduce barriers to learning. The launch of the fresh technology for iOS users puts Salesforce again on Tech headlines as Trailhead GO is the free, first-ever Mobile App for Trailhead as the result of a strategic partnership with Apple. It requires iOS 12 or later, and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Furthermore, it is available for five languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Trailhead is a free Salesforce platform designed admins, users, or developers, where they can all find short courses about Salesforce solutions, navigate use cases, and build custom functionality. And now, it is available on the go with the creation of this new app, so if you are already a Trailblazer you will be able to continue learning while commuting to work, on your holidays, or at any time and any place you like.  Trailhead GO was recently launched at this year’s Dreamforce summit, demonstrating to the world that Salesforce and Apple know how to make great partnerships and deliver useful solutions for their users.

What’s Trailhead GO?

According to Salesforce, Trailhead GO is “the app to skill up anywhere for the jobs of today and tomorrow. It doesn’t matter who or where you are. If you have access to an iPhone or iPad, you can sign up, learn in-demand skills and fast-track your way to life-changing jobs like Salesforce admin or iOS developer. Trailhead GO is perfect for anyone looking to reinvent their skill sets, expand their career or start a new one entirely. Trailhead GO also includes a brand new series of micro badges, content that is perfect for new users just discovering Salesforce”.

What can you get from Trailhead GO?

Among other features, Trailhead Go includes:

  • Learn in-demand skills to land a top job.
  • Access bite-sized learning anytime, anywhere.
  • Verify your knowledge with quizzes.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments with badges, ranks and confetti.
  • Earn resume-worthy credentials that companies are hiring for.

For more information about the app, its functionality and features, check this website.Ready to get the app? Go here

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Picture source: screenshot from https://apps.apple.com/

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