February 14, 2018

Tools to help you migrate to Salesforce Lightning

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Tools to help you migrate to Salesforce Lightning

Dreamforce 2017 took a strong focus on the next level of CRM: Lightning Experience. With hundreds of features only available on Lightning, make sure you make the move to LEX soon as not to miss out on its plentiful advantages. With every release, the LEX improves in both performance and usability. If you’re yet to make the switch, we’ve compiled a list of useful tools that will help you migrate to Salesforce Lightning.

Lightning Migration Assistant

Lightning Migration Assistant is a suite of migration tools that Salesforce has put together to help you make a painless transition. You can easily navigate to the Salesforce Lightning Migration Assistant from SetUp, there you’ll find it in the top left, click “Get Started” and off you go.

The Lightning Experience Migration Assistant is comprised of 6 tabs which will help you make a smooth transition with readiness reports, customisation previews and key recommendations for your org. The Readiness Report, which you can select to run for Sales or Service (or both) for your specific organisation and customisation. After a few minutes you will receive a full PDF report in your inbox. Salesforce recommends running it every few months. The report shows you benefits of migrating into Lightning, objects and other items that are Lightning ready and other items that you need to prepare, and if so, which action should you be performing.One of the recent additions is the Visualforce check, which very similarly runs through your VF customisations and sends you a report, explaining how ready your own Visualforce is for the move and which things you may be wanting to tweak for best results.The Preview tab allows you can take a preview of your org on how it would look and work today in Lightning Experience without making any changes. This allows you to run some tests of key processes for your business and see how they look in the new interface, this will help you prioritise. The fourth tab is for key features that are recommended to enable you and your users to get the most of Lightning Experience. Then it comes the selection of users enablement to use Salesforce Lightning on the fifth tab. Here consider running a pilot group to help you testing and initial rollout, they will become your advocates for the wider company adoption. You can do a phased transition by enabling just a subset of your users, then another etc.

Finally, when you’re ready to move forward you can go ahead to the last tab, Turn It On. Make sure to prepare for the move beforehand, it’s worth running a sandbox to test features before going live with the changes.

Cloud Services Lightning Journey

Salesforce Journey Success Hub is full of helpful resources to help you get up and running with Lightning. From Sales Cloud to Services and Financial Cloud, the hub hosts a variety of different documents designed to help you deliver business, faster.The Success with Lightning bundle covers three key sections: Discovery, Roll Out and Optimization.


Last but not least, the community. As a huge advocate of the Trailblazer Community I could not miss the Lightning Now group, this group is the hub for your transition into Salesforce Lightning. There you can access resources, webinars, engage with experts, share and learn from others experiences, and even product managers who closely listen and monitor the group.

About the Author: Ines Garcia is founder of get:Agile, helping organisations to become more Agile and to evolve digitally at a scale. You can find more of her content on her Linkedin.

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