November 26, 2021

These are the things that PAUA people do to stay balanced and manage stress

Morning runs, creative pastimes, cooking or baking, gardening, spending time in nature, reading… These passions are the things that PAUA people do to stay balanced and manage stress! 

We share our favourite resources in a channel dedicated to mental wellbeing in our team chat, such as useful articles, book recommendations, or interesting videos that we stumble across. 

That way, we stay connected and inspire each other. 

This topic is close to our heart, which is why we also have created a role dedicated to mental health support, wellness education and stigma reduction: The Mental Health Ambassador. 

Would you like to work in a company where the well-being of the individual takes priority?

We are hiring!

Please take a look at our open positions here https://www.empaua.com/careers

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