Sophie Rödl
November 12, 2021

Theatre Spaß for Grownups: engage in theatre games, improvisation and clowning

Our team is our greatest asset. We are proud that each one of us is committed to contributing to a happy and healthy tribe.

We foster open and authentic relationships within our team and highly value the power of feedback: Appreciation boosts motivation and constructive criticism helps us grow.

Yesterday, Roisin Brehony helped our Berlin team to break out of the daily routine: For an hour, we left the adult world where we have to stick to rules and behave well.

In a session called Theatre Spaß for Grownups, Roisin gave us a safe space to engage in theatre games, improvisation and clowning! 

Why did we do this? Interacting in an entirely new way can foster connection and understanding, and accessing our inner child can have a positive impact on mental health.

What’s more - when we laugh, happiness chemicals are released in the brain that increase productivity and also promote physical health.

And we laughed a LOT! 

We ended the fun afternoon with beer and pizza. 

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Sophie Rödl

People Support & Mental Health Ambassador
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