May 27, 2021

The value of using Slack

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner
EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Slack has been our go-to tool for communication and collaboration from day one, and we greatly enjoy working with it! Slack has transformed business communication and provides its customers with the technology they need to work more effectively. EMPAUA are strongly aligned with their focus on digital transformation, which is why we are so excited about the opportunity to work with them more closely.

What are the typical companies' challenges? These are the issues with the current way most companies and employees work:

  1. Employees feel misaligned with company objectives
  2. Remote work challenges
  3. Email communication works in silos
  4. Virtual meetings don't allow conversation tracking
  5. Employees use specialized business apps to do work

Slack is the channel-based messaging platform for the enterprise. The three pillars of Slack are:

  • Channels: Slack is a digital office, a persistent place for users to connect and find information, and a better way to work.
  • Platform: Slack is a multiplier on the productivity of users and the value of software wherever work is happening.
  • Enterprise: Slack is the only enterprise-grade solution in the market.

Increase the value of ALL your software

Slack has the mission to help you increase the ROI of your software. They want organizations to get more value not just from their investment in Slack, but for all of their existing software too. To speak to the value of Slack, let's first look into what software usage looks like at an organization. How

How does a typical organization use apps and tools? A typical organization uses over 1,000 cloud service apps and tools across their company. In a recent State of Work survey published by Global Web Index, 76% of employees report using more apps than they did five years ago. Organizations prefer to use the best tool for their needs, rather than force tools from a single suite of products. Challenge: Employees have difficulty getting access to information because it is often siloed within apps and tools.

How does Slack help solve these challenges? Slack brings it all together by securely connecting tools, information and teams. Slack enables companies to integrate their existing tools and workflows across three major categories:

  • Enterprise-wide productivity tools
  • Departmental tools used by functions or specialized teams
  • Custom tools to integrate unique tools and workflows

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