September 27, 2019

Salesforce Winter '20 Release Highlights: EMPAUA's Review

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Only a few weeks ago, Salesforce published a list with details of all the new platform developments, which is full of exciting updates and features. At EMPAUA we have reviewed the latest Salesforce updates for this Winter '20 and listed the most interesting takeaways. However, all details can be seen here. In this review, you'll see that once again, Salesforce offers even more connected customer experiences and new features that help you improve lasting customer relationships. What do we expect from Salesforce this winter? Let's go through this together, shall we?


Customize account teams and opportunity contact roles to improve collaboration on accounts.High-Velocity Sales - Sales Cadence Branching: Now you can start customizing your Sales Cadences to show different call scenarios with branching for call disposition categories. Sales Cloud Einstein: With Einstein Forecasting, you can now forecast the sales organization's performance on a quarterly basis.


Einstein Case Routing: By automatically tracking cases with Einstein for Service Cloud, you can now help your customers solve their problems faster than ever before since Einstein uses automatic learning from past cases to predict case fields. Work Rule Enhancements: These applications will help you accelerate deployment and efficiency by assigning value lists to a resource, which in turn, allows your field operations to get up and running faster and accurately.Lightning Knowledge Enhancements: In this winter '20, you will be able to give quick and correct answers to your customers through any channel. That means you can have your agents preview and also share articles of interest in real-time in only one click.


Transactional SMS Messaging: With this tool, you can now allow your customers to send and track transaction text messages, such as purchase confirmations, receipts, password reset and financial alerts, almost in real-time.In-App Messaging for Mobile Apps: Marketers will now be able to create and send Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages to their mobile application users via Journey Builder with In-app messaging.Einstein Send Time Optimization: With Einstein Send Time Optimization, you can now use a Journey Builder activity to detect the best time to send a text message.

Commerce & Communities

Salesforce B2B Commerce - Page Designer: Dare to build premium trading experiences with just a few clicks instead of codes. Now with drag and drop components, you can bring your ideas to market faster and much more efficiently than ever before. B2B Commerce - On-Demand Sandboxes: Start creating quick copies of your site to implement new codes, test new integrations or apply new styles, without affecting your production site with on-demand sandboxes.Salesforce CMS: If your goal is to help digital leaders deliver unique digital experiences in a precise context to their customers, partners and employees, this is for you. The Salesforce Content as a Service hybrid CMS serves as the content centre of gravity for all points of contact from within Salesforce, as well as for all channels outside the Salesforce ecosystem. Community Cloud for Financial Services: Today you can help insurance agents manage their business portfolios using a prefabricated Community Cloud template with multiple components and flows. This will make it easy for them to access their KPIs and metrics of most interest to them so that they can view all policies and life events of their customers.

Platform, Productivity and Integration

Real-Time Event Monitoring: Wow! This is very interesting. Now you can stream and store Salesforce events in real-time and create security policies for transactions that prevent unwanted actions and warn you when suspicious actions are generated using the new Condition Builder.Salesforce Mobile App: From now on, you will be able to generate custom applications with components that are already prepared or tailored, change the look, feel and functionality. In this way, all your data will work efficiently, as Lightning Experience will help unify your desktop and mobile experience. In-App Guidance: Use more clicks and no more code to create ads with your own content and add action buttons that take users to an important URL of their choice. Salesforce Data Integration Enhancements: So your team can easily discuss their views and collaborate with Salesforce data in real-time, you can now integrate Salesforce Lightning charts, reports, and list views into Quip documents.Anypoint API Community Manager: With new Salesforce updates, you can now start including developers through member forums, chat, and case management. Plus, you can customize this experience with clicks rather than code when you use Anypoint API Community Manager.


Mortgage Innovation for Financial Services Cloud: For mortgages that allow you to easily share data across business lines, start capturing important borrower information with our new data model enhancements. See here How Salesforce Solutions can benefit the Financial Services IndustryProvider Relationship Manager: According to Salesforce, now you can "strengthen" supplier relationships and get a complete view of your supplier network, including licensing, education, work history, referrals, professional liability coverage, and more, with a new, ready-to-use supplier data model. Improve provider-centric processes such as physician search and integration. This feature is part of the Health Cloud, now generally available (GA).Sales Agreements: "Unite your sales and operations teams around sales agreements, which give you a 360-degree view into how all your accounts are performing. Get insight into agreed-upon and forecasted volume commitments and compare planned versus actual volumes and revenues, to successfully plan, forecast, and execute on agreements at scale. This feature is part of Manufacturing Cloud, now generally available (GA)", says Salesforce on his last release. Retail Execution for Consumer Goods Cloud: The Salesforce update states that from now on you will be able to "empower field reps to make every store the perfect store by stocking shelves with the product at the right price and with the right promotion. Allow field reps to spend less time on operational activities and more time building relationships to drive sales and store satisfaction. This feature is part of Consumer Goods Cloud, now generally available (GA)".To find the complete set of Salesforce Winter ‘20 Release Notes, head over to to the Salesforce Release Notes section on the Salesforce website.Do you need more information about Salesforce Implementation?

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