Janet Chadwick
November 10, 2022

Salesforce Technical Health Analysis: A deep overview

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Performing a Salesforce Technical Health Analysis is an important best practice to ensure you are getting the most out of your CRM investment. We will regularly review and suggest quick ways to maintain and improve the security of your Org. Advance your Salesforce Instance.

We can help your processes evolve with your requirements

Bringing your system up to speed with your evolving requirements and Salesforce’s latest features is fundamental for business success.

This is how we will go through the Salesforce Technical Health Analysis process: 

  1. Scope and Vision Workshop
  2. Org Scanning 
  3. Discovery Session 
  4. Visualforce pages and Lightning Components
  5. Comprehensive Documentation

1 Scope and Vision Workshop

Our team of Salesforce experts will work with you to understand your business's current needs, identify pain points, and formulate a vision to optimise your Salesforce Org.

2 Org Scanning 

  • Page Layouts
  • Existing Validation Rules
  • Existing Automations
  • Unnecessary fields
  • Process optimization 
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • User settings

3 Discovery Session 

  • Bulkification of code
  • Code efficiency
  • Best practices followed
  • Test coverage
  • Org Security

4 Visualforce pages and Components checks:

  • Responsiveness
  • User Experience
  • Error handling
  • Efficiency

5 Comprehensive Documentation

Our team of experts will create a detailed report that consists of identified issues, recommended solutions and proposed further setup.

A normal report include areas for improvement and optimisation such as: 

  • Data Quality
  • Naming Conventions & Translations 
  • Declarative Automations & Configuration
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Code & Scheduled Apex/Jobs
  • Security Model
  • UI/UX Recommendations
  • and more. 

Why your Salesforce Org needs a Salesforce Technical Health Analysis

  • Identify business growth opportunities in sales, service, marketing and more. 
  • Use the latest Salesforce features to increase productivity, efficiency and collaboration.
  • Optimise and expand your own Salesforce environment and obtain the benefits that Salesforce provides.
  • Maximise your investment and drive the digital future of your company.
  • With continuous platform and automation improvements, your team can spend their time productively. Reduce repetitive tasks!
  • Ensure the productivity and efficiency of the working system.
  • Identify and fix vulnerabilities in your Org and security settings.
  • Identify the Tooling API objects that allow you to get Health Check information.
  • Score your org and measure it against a security baseline.

The Power of Salesforce + EMPAUA

EMPAUA's Salesforce Technical Health Analysis allows you to ensure Salesforce is running optimally, find use cases for unused features, and review the current technical implementation and processes. 

They are designed to analyse your current setup and find recommendations, which can be discussed as part of a recommended follow-up workshop and implemented in-house or with a Salesforce Partner's assistance.

Benefits of a Partner-led Salesforce Technical Health Analysis

Here are 3 powerful reasons that will help you understand why it is better to perform a Salesforce Technical Health Analysis with a Salesforce Partner, like us:

Tap into our team’s vast SF knowledge and experience

If your company is progressive enough to have an internal admin, they are often the standalone source of information on all things Salesforce.

Highly skilled and passionate Salesforce Consultants

With EMPAUA’s team at your command, your team has highly skilled and passionate Salesforce Consultants at their fingertips - to assist with anything from queries, to training, to advanced technical assistance, as well as helping keep an eye on the health and maintenance of your org.

Time is money

We understand how critical it is to save time. Let our team support on your regular maintenance, such as status checks, version upgrades and Apex or Flow bugs. Moreover, we will gladly educate your team to help increase their technical knowledge.

Performing Salesforce Technical Health Analysis to ensure you are getting the most out of your CRM investment. Why don't have a Partner who gets this? Contact us today!

Janet Chadwick

Global Head of Salesforce Managed Services
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Janet Chadwick

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