March 16, 2021

Salesforce B2C Solution Technical Architect Certification: designing and delivering multi-cloud solutions to our customers

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Companies are now more than ever relying on technology to help drive their businesses and stay connected with their customers.

At EMPAUA, and as a Salesforce Technical Architect, it's our responsibility to help companies achieve this by understanding how their business operates so that we can build innovative solutions to their complex needs.

To help us do this, Salesforce introduced the Solution Architect Program, an initiative built by architects, for architects to help drive customer success. As part of this new program, Salesforce released a new B2C Solution Architect certification.

The purpose of this certification is to test an architect's ability to design a multi-cloud solution on the Salesforce platform that powers personalized and seamless customer experiences.

What does this mean?

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

As the Salesforce product offering gets larger, products can often overlap in terms of features, and the purpose of this exam is to demonstrate you know the best product to use.

An example of this may be when a business uses Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud; and want to send an automated email message (i.e. Order Confirmation).

Which product should be used?

All three systems have email messaging capabilities, but they have unique characteristics. This exam will test the ability of an architect to be able to choose the right product that maximises business value.

Similar to other Salesforce architecture designer certifications, there are some prerequisite certifications required in order to be eligible for this certification to ensure you have at least foundational knowledge of core products used in a B2C implementation.These are:

  • Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Platform App Builder
  • Integration Architecture Designer

As a Technical Architect at EMPAUA, I’ve found more and more of our customers want to implement multi-cloud solutions so I decided this would be a great way to demonstrate our expertise in this area and reassure clients we’re maximising the potential of the Salesforce platform. I already had the prerequisite certifications so I was lucky enough for Salesforce to reach out to me and provide access to the study materials for the exam, prior to its release.

To give you an idea of the breadth of the exam, there is over 80 hours worth of material to study, consisting of (very long) documentation, quizzes and videos.

After a month of intensive studying (I had to make use of the lockdown somehow), I am proud to announce on the 9th February 2021 I passed the exam, and in fact, was one of the first 100 people in the world to do so.

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