March 21, 2023

Sales Cloud Accelerator: How to cut implementation time by up to 75%

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

If you are a business scaling up, you know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient sales process.

However, the implementation of a Sales Cloud system often takes a long time, consuming precious resources and budget.

What if there was a way to accelerate the process and dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on implementation?

The answer to these issues is the Sales Cloud Accelerator from EMPAUA.

This package is ready to install and can reduce implementation time by up to 75%. You will be operational with Salesforce within days instead of months.

It embraces the power of the Sales Cloud, allowing you to quickly and efficiently launch the system.

What’s more, the Sales Cloud Accelerator is designed to be used across multiple teams.

From sales reps to marketers, and from product owners to Rev-Ops managers, this system is designed to meet the needs of every member of your team.

Plus, it’s modular and configurable, meaning that you can easily turn on and off features, as well as make customisations whenever needed.

In short, EMPAUA’s Sales Cloud Accelerator will help save you time and costs when implementing a new Sales Cloud platform.

With its ready-to-install package and configurable features, you can quickly get your business up and running and begin scaling up.

So don’t wait — start your journey toward success and accelerated growth today!



Salesforce Partner EMPAUA


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Salesforce Partner EMPAUA

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