Lewis Dean
March 29, 2023

Reaching Your Goals with Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Unlocking the Power of its Tools and Technology

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Today, in order to reach a target audience through the increasingly saturated market space, businesses need a data driven, intelligent and cutting edge tool to make online marketing targeted, cost-effective and above all, simple. 

This blog post explores the importance of using the latest digital marketing technologies to meet changing customer expectations, punch through the noise and achieve successful customer engagement. 

We will look at how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help businesses automate daily tasks, increase collaboration, and maximise reach and customer engagement. Finally, we will discuss the components of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how they can be used to achieve real business goals.

Data Integration is the driving force

A modern CRM system is essential for intelligently collecting and collating customer data, turning those prospects and leads into opportunities and repeat customers. 

As the world continues to change, marketers must spend their time wisely, using the very best tools and technology to not only gain a wider market share, lower customer acquisition cost but also carve out their own space to stay ahead of the competition. 

This includes 

  • developing new marketing strategies and finely tuning tactics
  • modernising existing tools and technologies, and 
  • balancing collateral personalisation and touch-points with customer comfort levels 

According to a survey of CMOs, 91% agree that continual innovation is necessary to remain competitive. 

By integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud into your CRM setup, you can use your data effectively to optimise your marketing strategy and to reach your customers in a natural and personal way that delivers information according to their needs,  their schedule and their interest - without the guesswork or exertion.

Personalised messaging is essential nowadays for building and maintaining customer trust. Getting the right message to the right customer at the right time can make all the difference in triggering a positive response from a lead or prospect. 

According to a survey of CMOs, customer preferences and expectations are the single biggest influence on digital strategy. Moreover, 73% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. As a result, high-performing companies are responding accordingly, while moderate and underperforming companies are lagging behind.

Analysing your database for trends, splitting customers into appropriate target segments and working out how best to schedule your campaigns to achieve the best engagement can all be very time-consuming and without a holistic view of your business, even the most experienced marketer can still leave a lot up to chance.

Utilising Einstein AI with Marketing Cloud takes all of the thinking and hard work out of the problem and enables you to:

  • Save time by automating your email, sms and social campaigns
  • Easily view and segment your data directly from your CRM and deliver specific and targeted campaigns
  • Set up customer capture and feed these new prospects directly into a communication journey to let them know more about you
  • Streamline content creation and create easy approval processes that ensures the best message goes in front of your customers
  • Utilise the AI to deliver every email at the best time to stay at the top of the inbox according to each individual customer’s reading habits
  • Measure reach, engagement and ROI and intelligently optimise customer journeys to deliver your message in the most beneficial way.

Marketing Cloud uses a proprietary api to connect to your Salesforce CRM meaning that anything you have stored in Salesforce, can become part of your marketing campaign in a matter of clicks.

This enables you to trigger actions in Salesforce to send beautiful emails instantly to your contacts and collect their feedback in the CRM to ensure your agents have a full 360 degree view of each client. Use this for developing leads, creating opportunities or delivering stellar customer service, this tool can help you to achieve it all.

By unifying technology by integrating their operational systems with their marketing systems, businesses can greatly increase productivity, drive efficiency, and deepen client relationships, making tools like Marketing Cloud imperative in the digital age.

Maximise Your Reach and Engagement with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Whether it’s a brand new prospect or a long-standing repeat customer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud will help you deliver beautiful, personalised and relevant communication with little effort to achieve the best results. Marketing Cloud contains several independent and integrated “studios” to power your specific business needs:

Audience Builder

Manage any size of audience, from hundreds to millions easily, removing tiresome manual processes while maintaining data security and integrity. Segment your data with easy to use tools and apply responsive changes to customer journeys on the go.

Email Studio

Reach more customers and increase engagement, send individual emails and manage data to ensure your message gets in front of the right people. If the email channel isn’t working out, try Mobile Studio to influence your customers via sms.

Web Studio

Quickly create beautiful landing pages or webforms to capture key customer data and store that data back in your CRM seamlessly. Use this information to change the outcome of individual customer journeys mid stream.

Content Builder

Content Builder is the place to quickly design, customise and tailor on-brand emails. Custom and bespoke content is easily programmable using drag and drop functionality - send one email but with many different in-built messages depending upon who you are reaching.

Social Studio

Will help you to publish your digital content, an entirely new approach to social media that brings you closer to your customer. Track every online conversation about your brand, products, competitors and industry trends, and respond in real time with social listening and engagement.

Marketing Cloud Advertising

This is the first choice for agencies and advertisers. Create highly effective social advertising campaigns that generate sales and maximise ad spend.

Analytics Builder

The solution to the old marketers adage, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Create thousands of customisable, real-time reports, view them in beautiful dashboards or automate their delivery to your internal teams.

Journey Builder

The true engine of Marketing Cloud. This is where the magic happens. Create integrated data driven journeys where you can blend a multi channel campaign seamlessly, send an email…send an sms…send a social message…create a task for your Account Manager to follow up on, all in a completely automated and responsive tool that allows you to simply drag and drop your way to successful marketing campaigns.

Combine Einstein AI with your journey and now you are flying. Predict accurately the best messaging to send according to a customers preference. Ever wondered how you get that email come through at the prefect time when you are browsing your inbox? Einstein is how.

Customisation is key

Whether it is your specific business needs, your unusual or diverse product portfolio, complicated audience structure or your customers conversations, Salesforce Marketing Cloud facilitates full customisation to enable you to tackle all elements of your business  - backed up by your own robust Salesforce CRM data and then supercharged with intelligent AI.

As one of the most powerful and expansive components of Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the industry standard in online marketing.

Things like automating daily tasks, improving data integration, assisting in management of customer service and experience, streamlining operations, creating intelligent customer journeys filled with beautiful emails and posts have never been easier, more streamlined or more integrated. 

Modern businesses need unified and integrated systems to talk to their customers on their terms and at their convenience and also to meet the ever changing client expectations. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the tool to make this happen.

For more information about how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help your business, contact us today!


Lewis Dean

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