November 17, 2022

PAUArangers' spotlight: Rico Marder and his sabbatical experience

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Today we want to officially welcome back Rico Marder, our Finance Circle Lead, who just returned from his sabbatical. He shares his personal experiences with us and the benefits that they brought him. Let’s check them out below: 

Rico in his sabbatical time

What did you do during your sabbatical?

The main focus of my sabbatical was climbing, which is quite a big passion for me and my partner. We stayed in our camper van mostly in Italy (great weather, food, coffee, and amazing rocks), but we also spent some time in France and Germany. We did not have too many set plans, so we adjusted our schedule based on what we were keen on. 

How has EMPAUA made it possible for you?

When I presented my sabbatical plans to EMPAUA, I was met with nothing but support for them. I communicated the plans over a year in advance, so there was plenty of time to hand over everything and find my replacements. I’d like to give a big shout-out to my team for covering for me and making this possible! 

How did the sabbatical benefit you?

I have gained a lot of perspective during this time off. The last time I had so much time off was probably before kindergarten, so it was interesting to experience that again. I also feel very deeply relaxed after this time off. I can really recommend a sabbatical if you feel stressed, have been employed in a fast-paced environment for a bit, and need a change of air. 

Why does EMPAUA offer benefits like sabbatical?

One of the biggest advantages of offering a sabbatical to our employees is that it helps them to reduce burnout at the workplace. 

Two-thirds of full-time employees say they have experienced burnout at some point in their careers. this shows that no matter the positions or industry of the employees, they are going to need a break at some point. Being able to take a sabbatical will give them a chance to refuel, unwind, and return to work feeling revitalized and more productive than ever. According to Rico’s experience, this is proven to be correct!

At EMPAUA, we’re striving to constantly disrupt the way organisations operate. We believe that work-life should be engaging, and we should be encouraged to grow as people and professionals. Check out all the pictures that Rico shared with us about his sabbatical time below!


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