January 30, 2020

Onboarding week: how do we welcome our new team members at EMPAUA

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Our onboarding week is one of the most significant team events at EMPAUA. We like to welcome our new colleagues like superstars, this is why we invite them to spend quality time at one of our five offices for almost a week and slowly fall in love with our company and culture. During this time, they learn about all the areas of the company, from People & Culture to Operations, among others. Moreover, interesting workshops and exhibitions are exposed, such as:

  • Company Purpose, Values, and Goals.
  • Introduction to Nonviolent Communication
  • PM Refresh: Methodology, Checklists, Templates.
  • Introduction to EMPAUA's Operating System.
  • Salesforce Configuration Best Practices at EMPAUA.
  • Getting Things Done (time and task management method).
  • Finance.

Theresa Richter, who joined our office in Munich, says: “Onboarding week at EMPAUA is a very exciting thing. We received a ton of information on how the company operates, how projects are managed and how we can communicate effectively. After the workshops, there was always time to get to know colleagues and everyone was lovely to talk to. There are so many inspiring people at EMPAUA!“. Aden Ashir from our office in London, adds: “I enjoyed the wonderful hospitality whilst in the Berlin office, everyone was friendly and welcoming. I got to meet with everyone including the founders of EMPAUA. I have enjoyed the induction week sessions which were interactive and engaging, the organisation culture sessions in particular. Equally as important, I had the pleasure of enjoying the famous Berlin kebab”.Watch how we welcome our new team members at EMPAUA.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN73_xY7L0k[/embed]Looking for a change and want to start disrupting the way organisations operate? Check out our career page and find your place with us.

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