October 24, 2019

Migrate successfully from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience

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Are you ready to migrate to the Lightning Experience? Salesforce Lightning is not just about new fonts, colours, icons, or a much more streamlined user interface. Lightning Experience is a completely new way to increase the sales of your business. According to Salesforce, the Lightning Experience is an advanced user interface that allows your sales reps to speed up sales processes and helps your service reps to assist customers more productively. In this new experience, you find many features and wholly redesigned pages. Now, the Salesforce you've known until now, Salesforce Classic, is still out there, and users who enable for Lightning Experience can switch between the two as they wish. So that this process does not turn into chaos within your organization, we have selected the most important steps you should follow and consider to make a successful migration. We know there are quite a few steps, and like any major Salesforce project, it can mean falling into mistakes. So, if you need support, don't hesitate to contact any of our consultants, who are available to help you.

Why should you switch?

  • Switch to Lightning yield some impressive ROIs.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase win in rates.
  • Faster time to close.
  • Increase in collaboration.
  • Increase in conversion rate.
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So, what do you need to know to migrate successfully from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience? At this point, we assume you have reviewed the benefits of Lightning Experience, and now you're ready to deploy it with some or all of your users. Therefore, here are five useful technical steps you should consider to activate it correctly:

Check all recommended features for Lightning Experience

One of the critical points for a successful migration is knowing how to take advantage of the many features of Lightning Experience to improve the way users work. Keep in mind that you can expect improvements in the following functions: Activity Timeline, Shared Activities, Enhanced Notes, Salesforce Files, Path, News, Home Page, Duplicate Management, Lead Conversion, Lightning Apps, Lightning Console Apps, My Domain.

Set up Users for Lightning Experience

It is also essential for your migration that you make sure who has access to Lightning Experience once it is activated, and that these are the right ones.

Decide Who Can Use Lightning Experience

All users who want to access the new Lightning Experience need user permission, which is automatically activated for all standard Salesforce users. That is important to know, as custom profiles are not automatically activated.

Lightning Experience Mode-ON

Once you activate Lightning Experience for the first time, users who have Lightning Experience User permission remain in Salesforce Classic: They can switch between the two interfaces whenever it’s necessary.

Control Who Gets Lightning Experience By Default and Who Can’t Switch Back to Salesforce Classic

In the new Lightning Experience, different options promote the correct adoption, which you must choose carefully for each user.

Are you ready to migrate to the Lightning Experience? If you would like personal advice, talk to one of our consultants. Contact us today!

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