January 14, 2022

Meet the Team: Maria Gonzalez

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Are you curious who you would work with in case you joined EMPAUA? It’s time to meet another EMPAUA team member: Second in our series is Spain-based Project Manager María Gonzalez!

Fun fact about me:

I can spend hours (and hours) in Google Maps searching for absolutely anything: unknown islands, military secrets…

Talk to me about…

...conspiracies, travelling and maps, San Sebastián (my hometown), sailing, music only until the early 2000s, books, food and restaurants.

I strongly believe…

...that nobody's born knowing. With the right attitude, commitment and a big smile on our face, we are capable of anything :)

Please don’t…

...irritate me when I'm starving - for your own safety.

Languages I speak:

Spanish, English, Basque (more or less), French (just a little bit)

Meet the team_Maria by Marketing EMPAUA

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