December 10, 2021

It's time for a coffee break! This is how we stay connected

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It's time for a coffee break!

In light of the rising Covid numbers, we have to act responsibly. With a heavy heart, we have had to cancel our Berlin Christmas party that was supposed to take place last week. 

Now that everything is going digital again and people will be in the office less - how can we make up for the nice conversations that we miss by the coffee machine or during lunch breaks? 

Of course, personal interaction cannot be replaced, but we can at least try: we have a channel in our team chat Slack where every other week, two random people are matched to meet for a coffee break via the extension “Doughnut”. 

That way, people who don’t work together often can still get to know each other on a deeper level or, they can learn something new about a colleague that they already know rather well.

These Coffee Doughnut Sessions are a really enjoyable way to be reminded to connect with our colleagues and create a sense of community.

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