January 12, 2021

Is this the moment to push your Digital Transformation?

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The COVID-19 crisis has forced many companies to look into new digital solutions and start their digital transformation plans earlier than intended.

Keeping the business running, and minimising the impact that these unprecedented times have brought to the global economy, is all that matters in the short term.

Fortunately, there is a powerful solution for managers looking to quickly implement into their organisations and achieve new goals: cloud computing solutions.

Cloud computing has been defined by various technology experts as the provision of cloud computing services over the Internet.

These services or solutions can be programs, databases, servers or networks, which allow end-users to access programs and applications from anywhere they have a network connection.

For this reason, the concept of "the cloud" is understood as the space always available for access to different applications.

According to Markets and Markets, "the global cloud computing market size recorded an average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2030. It is projected to grow to US $211.4 billion in 2030."

So, if your business has the potential to be running within a virtual environment, on a full or partial basis, then managing this crisis and keeping your business alive can be narrowed down to harnessing the benefits that cloud computing brings in the digitisation of your company’s operations.

Cloud computing services or also known as cloud computing systems like Salesforce, for example, allow your company to organise all your data effectively, while also bringing a strong user experience and additional benefits that result in levelling-up your competitive advantage.

They also help maintain collaboration between teams or individuals, located anywhere in the world, as long as they are connected to the Internet. In other words, cloud computing truly enables collaboration while people are working remotely and not sitting anywhere near each other.

Why switch to the cloud now?

The COVID-19 crisis has taught us that the digitalisation of any type of business is no longer a luxury, but rather, a need. Today, there’s no doubt that this is the best time to make a push towards a digital transformation within your sales and marketing teams.

Salesforce explains that there are 4 main reasons to switch to the cloud:

  • Convenience: the cloud requires hardly any maintenance or administrative effort on the part of a company.
  • Efficiency: with traditional on-premise computing, more and more investment gradually becomes necessary as capacity cannot be changed easily. Cloud computing, on the other hand, offers greater efficiency because customers share resources.
  • Access: access to cloud-based applications and services is location-independent and uncomplicated - all you need is a device with an existing internet connection.
  • Capacity: the cloud is virtually infinite, so companies never have to worry about capacity.

Understanding the impact of Coronavirus is one thing, but to overcome the crisis seamlessly and keep sustainable growth, we recommend you look at Salesforce solutions and how to begin the journey of its implementations.

We understand that these unprecedented times might lead you to think it's not a good moment, however, CRM systems, like Salesforce, are powerful tools that will keep your business alive and accelerate growth while also allowing you and your teams to work remotely.

So, why is this the best time to be introducing change? In these times, any kind of digital initiative should be a priority for managers, especially those seeking to improve internal operations, sales and marketing.

This crisis has also taught us that we must be prepared for any risk, even a global pandemic! This is why companies, whose operations are designed around digital channels, have been somewhat less affected by recent events.

Today, we know that adopting new digital models will protect us and lessen the impact from such financial crises, by helping us to better manage the business, to keep it alive and to react faster or more efficiently.

What should you prioritise?

Ok, let’s say you and your team have decided to push ahead with your digital transformation now. The next questions to consider will be: What is the best technology for my business? Where to focus all efforts and investments?

How long does it take to implement? What kind of internal or external resources do I need?

So here’s our recommended set  of next steps:

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